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González accepts Astrié’s criticism and assures that in the common “we are not going to remove events”

Andorra la VellaThe municipality of Andorra la Vella wants to maintain events such as the Mercat de la Vall, which opened this Saturday, or the Motand, but it also bets on going ahead with appointments that arise from the business fabric, such as the Fira ‘On two wheels’ which was precisely inaugurated, also, this Saturday. This was explained by the Consul Major of the capital, Sergi González, who assured, in the face of criticism from the opposition that events should be eliminated, that “we are not going to remove events, we are not going to remove community cohesion, which is what they criticize us, quite the opposite”. And he gave as an example the two appointments of this weekend.

“Today we inaugurate a new event (the motorcycle fair) and we will maintain the Mercat de la Vall and we will do more actions, but actions that come from the anger of the traders, of the citizens”, said González. In this sense, he considers that certain events must be consolidated and also “new concepts must be created”. Thus, he emphasized that in the five months they have been in the common they have “listened a lot to the traders, to the citizens, to see what their needs were”. And he gave as an example the Spring Festival, whose competition has been abandoned and which he is betting on re-running for the month of September. González added that the communal road map was presented to the merchants of Riberaygua and Travesseres and they were announced a “project that will be inaugurated in June” in this area, a project that “will have a lot of resonance, for the citizens of Andorra la Vella but also a pole of tourist attraction” and that has arisen from the citizens. However, he did not want to detail any other aspect.

Regarding the criticisms of the opposition councillors, he stated that “we accept them” but he pointed out that it was already mentioned in the commission that Xocofest could not go ahead due to “‘timings'” and with regard to Andorra la Vella en flor explained that with the data provided by the technicians they saw that “it was not an event that had been consolidated due to its cost”. In this sense, he explained that between the spring fair, Xocofest and Andorra la Vella en flor, 350,000 euros were invested.

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