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Gerard Casellas appointed again president of the AGiA without any opposition

Andorra la VellaGerard Casellas will continue for two more years as president of the Association of Real Estate Managers of Andorra (AGiA). His candidacy, without opposition, has been voted again to form the board of the Real Estate group. It was also voted to keep the membership fees at three thousand euros for members who want to practice and at 120 the quarterly contribution to the college.

The assembly of Realtors, which took place today as is traditional in the month of March in even years, has been marked by complaints due to what most of the attendees consider an intrusion that is harming the sector.

The problem, as explained by different real estate agents, is based on the fact that there are many more qualified real estate agents than members of the AGIA. This means that a prominent part of those who have the degree to practice are not doing so. And here comes the picaresque. In the heat of the ‘boom’ of the real estate business, people outside the sector wanted to enter using the titles of people who do not practice. In exchange for a financial sum, the lenders transfer the title so that one or more real estate companies have been opened. This practice made the number of agencies grow significantly.

Realtors complain that these are often businesses without any physical or personal space, beyond a phone number, which lowers quality standards and ends up creating unfair competition for traditional businesses. It is requested that the Government act against the loan formula and that those responsible be sanctioned, in addition to not allowing them to continue in the sector.

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