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from a white elephant to a wool felt dog that looks like flesh and blood

Making hyperrealistic sculptures is not an easy job. Not only because of the number of hours that must be dedicated to achieving a good result, but also because of the technique necessary to do it. If we add to this that Only a single element is used, wool felt, Creating this type of work becomes a feat.

That is why it is not surprising that Terumi Ohta, a well-known Japanese artist, It took him more than 500 hours to make one of his latest creations, a miniature Pinscher. The dog sculpture appears to be a living being, to the point that many users have not been able to discover that it was not a real animal.

As he has shown through his account TikTokhas been working on this project for the last seven years. According to her words, although she is dedicated to making commissioned works, this was a challenge for her, so she had to do it intermittently during her other jobs.

Being a breed of short-haired canine, the material with which it is made allows it to look even more realistic, although this did not mean an easier job: “As hair does not hide the lines of the body, all areas, including the face, must be precisely sculpted.” In fact, as he highlighted, this type of work requires “dozens of times more effort.”

“We don’t just plant them densely, we also take time to condition the coat and give it a shiny, soft look and feel,” Ohta explained after recounting how he had to use several different types of wool. Leaving even the slightest gap would cause a bald spot, so there was no margin for error.

The most striking thing is that the artist has all kinds of works, all of them made with wool. From a white elephant more than 1.80 m tall to cats that seem to have a life of their own, his creations are the most striking. For this reason, he also offers live private classes for 3,500 yen per month, which in euros is about 21 euros.

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