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Former BBC presenter mom ‘shamed’ for topless holiday photo

A former BBC children’s TV presenter who was fired for posing topless has sparked “uproar” again over a recent holiday snap.

Sarah-Jane Honeywell lost her role hosting CBeebies, a British show for under-sixes, back in 2011 after taking part in a naked photoshoot for animal rights group Peta.

The controversial photo shoot saw the television host pose nude on a plate of food in London’s Trafalgar Square – and she was swiftly given the boot from her job shortly after.

More than a decade on and Sarah-Jane, 49, has found herself at the centre of another topless photo scandal, after posting a beach photo taken during a recent family trip to Spain.

In the snap, the mom-of-two can we seen playing with her sons at the water’s edge, wearing only a pair of blue bikini bottoms.

Sarah-Jane Honeywell
Sarah-Jane Honeywell posted a photo topless during her family vacation in Spain.

While her breasts aren’t visible in the shot, some followers called out Sarah-Jane’s decision to expose her body in front of her sons, pointing out there were also other beachgoers in sight.

“I could not do that in front of my kids,” one woman stated.

“Your poor boys…” another lamented.

As another raged: “Not in front of the children.”

Sarah-Jane has since spoken out about the backlash to the holiday snap, explaining she’s been “mom-shamed” regularly since welcoming Phoenix, 9, and Indiana, 5, with her husband Ayden Callaghan.

“I am constantly mom-shamed, I’ve come to expect it,” she told The Sun.

“But I certainly wasn’t expecting such an uproar when I shared my snaps from our recent holiday to Spain.”

Sarah-Jane Honeywell
Honeywell lost her job hosting CBeebies, a British show, after taking part in a naked photoshoot for animal rights group Peta in 2011.
Getty Images

Sarah-Jane Honeywell
She posed nude on a plate of food in London’s Trafalgar Square.
Andy Rain/EPA/Shutterstock

She went on to explain the photo was “just the silhouette of my body”, but regardless, “people were outraged”.

“My comments section was flooded with strangers concerned about my ‘poor boys’.

“It was madness, they’re just boobs.”

Sarah-Jane, who is now back working for the BBC hosting a weekly radio show, said she’s also mom-shamed offline while taking her kids to school, claiming she’s been scolded in-the-flesh for her parenting.

“I have had people come up to me on the school-run to tell me off about my parenting to my face,” she told the publication.

“I’ve even had a telling off from the boys’ headmaster for Phoenix’s ‘sloppy’ uniform.

“What can I do, I can’t tie a tie and Ayden is away, Phoenix had to wear it so I just tied it in a bow.

“I thought it was hilarious but the headmaster was quick to give me a dressing down about my ‘life skills’.

Sarah-Jane Honeywell
The mom admits she’s been mom-shamed for revealing her breasts in a public area.

“Honestly, who cares about how my eight-year-old is dressed?”

Sarah-Jane, who has been sober for 22 years after developing a cocaine addiction in her 20s, explained she has developed quite a “thick skin”.

However, the presenter previously admitted she “lost her identity” after being fired by the BBC, stating it was impossible to maintain “saintly” persona expected of her.

In a post on Instagram last year, Sarah-Jane shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the infamous shoot, describing it as a “life-changing” moment.

“Standing up for something you believe in…fully applauded you then & now!” one follower commented under the image of her removing her clothes.

“Thank you for speaking up for the animals,” another said.

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