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five hooded men, two stolen cars and several clubs and clubs

Two stolen BMWs, several metal clubs and clubs, and a heist movie. A dangerous gang, according to reports The worldcommitted last Friday a assault in the English court of the Field of Nationsin Madridto steal numerous mobile phones and electronic devices after breaking up to three doors and leveraging another.

According to the Madrid Police Headquarters, the events occurred last Friday at 10:00 p.m., just at the closing time of the establishment, when the group He entered the warehouse through the garage.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the criminals arrived in the two high-end cars, which were stolen, and went down to the third floor of the parking lot, where access to the loading area and warehouses is located. Up to five people got out of both vehicles. hooded and glovedarmed with maces and iron clubs.

Vigo local police.

The National Police is now looking for several individuals as the alleged perpetrators of the robbery, of which the loot is unknown after fleeing at full speed in the two cars used. The agents proceeded to inspect the place and continue this Tuesday with the search for the thieves.

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