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Filed the case against Batalla, Fierro, Font and staff of the City Council of the Seu five years later

Andorra la VellaAt the end of last February, the head of the investigation court 2 of La Seu d’Urgell filed the open case against the former mayor of La Seu d’Urgell, Albert Batalla; the president of the Regional Council of Alt Urgell and at the same time first deputy mayor of La Seu, Jesus Fierro; the third deputy mayor of the Urgellenc City Council, Mireia Font; as well as other management staff and workers of the two institutions. The judge files the case after five years of investigation and at the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the sole accusatory party.

The case will not go to trial after the prosecution asked for dismissal because “for the results of the investigations carried out and the declarations at the judicial headquarters of the investigators, we reiterate our petition for dismissal because there are no indications of criminality or sufficient evidence to enervate the principle of presumption of innocence regarding those investigated for the crimes that were attributed”. In the letter from the prosecutor’s office, it is also stated that “we must highlight the statements in court of the investigated Jesús Fierro i Rugall, Albert Batalla i Siscart, and Mireia Font i Gras, who gave a coherent exculpatory version and according to the conclusions that could be reached after the detailed examination of

the extensive documentary obrante en autos”.

The cause, which has its origin in an anonymous complaint and in the subsequent prosecution complaint, led to a spectacular entry of the Civil Guard, both at the Urgellenc Town Hall and at the Alt Urgell Council on March 28, 2019 , just five years ago. Batalla, Fierro and Font have been satisfied with the filing of the case against them and the rest of the people investigated. The complaint accused them of crimes against the public administration, embezzlement, embezzlement, contractual fraud and prohibited negotiations for officials, accusations for facts that have been proven non-existent, “as we assured at the beginning of the whole process”, they stated. With this firm judicial resolution, as well as with the filing in 2020 of the two separate parts of the case, it is shown that “despite five years of waiting with four extensions of the deadline for the investigation and four different judges, some accusations so serious and an investigation of 4,196 folios and dozens of boxes of documentation, our performance as public officials has been honest and transparent”.

The facts of the investigation originate a week before the referendum on the first of October 2017 when one or several people addressed an anonymous complaint to anti-corruption. “That political moment, the content of the anonymous complaint, as well as the spectacular entry into the City Hall and the County Council in full trial for the referendum and a few months before municipal elections, make us think that after all together there was a clear political intention”, explained Batalla, Fierro and Font.

For this reason, the three former institutional managers have made the following request: “Now that, finally, everything is over and the falsehood of the accusations has been proven, we believe that the person or persons who initiated the complaint anonymous should show their face and apologize publicly for the suffering this process has caused, not only for us but also for our families and surroundings, as well as the damage to the political option we represented”. “Politics must be done with democratic instruments and not with lies and false accusations”, Batalla, Fierro and Font said.

Batalla, Fierro and Font wanted to express an “emotional and sincere thank you to all the people who from the first moment expressed their support and believed in our honorability, especially to our families, friends, but also to the staff of ‘both institutions.

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