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Feijóo silences criticism about the candidate’s management in Catalonia and shows muscle alongside Fernández and Montserrat

Alberto Núñez Feijóo tries to calm the waters after two weeks of internal storm. The national leader of the PP has gone to Barcelona to praise the two people who have faced the independence movement “best.” And, incidentally, to silence criticism about his management in the election of the candidate for the Generalitat. In this way, Feijóo He has exhibited muscle alongside his candidate Alejandro Fernandez and the head of the electoral campaign, Dolors Montserrat.

“I know that in recent days there have been many comments, But when you are sure of what you do, you don’t care about those comments,” has begun the national leader who until this Tuesday had maintained silence on whether he would revalidate Alejandro Fernández’s leadership, despite having challenged him in public, or renew the party with a profile closer to him as it was with his spokesperson in Europe, Dolors Montserrat. Thus, during the Board of Directors of the PP of Catalonia he has ratified his decision and above all he has defended the times that have been set.

“There were those who were surprised that after the collapse of this legislature, in 24 hours, we did not decide who was going to be the candidate; that we make these decisions respecting the procedure: listening to the people, talking among colleagues and taking matters to the bodies central offices; and there were those who considered it excessive to dedicate 48 hours, once the dialogue with Cs had ended, to talk and deal with a matter like this. There they are.” Feijóo has assured that he did returnIt was that April 13 when the early elections were announced, he would act the same again. “I would have done the same: talk to each other because we have a very good opportunity; we had to listen because I I am no Caesar, that is what he is for sanchismo, and because we have to strengthen ourselves. “These are not just another election that can change the future of Catalonia and decide a good part of the future of Spain.”

Even the candidate Alejandro Fernández himself has made reference to these weeks of tension. “It was a delicate birth, But I assure you that the child has turned out healthy, feisty but that he will let you sleep at night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, President, for your trust.” Feijóo has taken up his words: “He has turned out to be a man,” he added in reference to the “best candidate” for Catalonia. “We were right. If there is a man who has faced the independence movement that Pere Aragonès represents, it is Alejandro Fernández; and if there is a woman who has confronted Puigdemont’s independence movement head on, it is Dolors Montserrat.”

As Feijóo has explained, with at least two months until the elections, the PP has “a real option to be decisive in Catalan politics.” Because if the independence movement does not rule in Catalonia, according to the popular, Pedro Sánchez’s term in office will end. Thus, his goal is for Catalonia to “stop having its potential kidnapped by pro-independence politicians and return to being what it always was in plural Spain of free and equal citizens.”

To this end, Feijóo has asked Catalans “fed up with the independence movement not to be fooled by the PSOE, which is “indistinguishable” from Junts and ERC: “The same Sánchez and the same Illa who asked the Catalans to vote by denying the amnesty betrayed you. And the same Sánchez and the same Illa who will now ask you for the vote by denying independence will lie to you again, betray and abandon you.”

For his part, Alejandro Fernández has committed to “opening a new stage in Catalonia that is bright and exciting and closing a dark and decadent one.” He assures that he presents himself for “end the process and the sanchismo”, since “they have become two sides of the same coin.” “Ending the process and the independence movement is a matter of true national urgency; “We will complete the end of the process the moment Feijóo arrives at Moncloa.”

In this way, Montserrat has announced that it will direct the campaign in this direction. “The time has come to leave behind the black and white Catalonia of the independence movement and the PSC; of division, decadence and defiance of the law; those of Junqueras and Puigdemont want to return to the starting box of the referendum and those of Illa and “Sánchez will give the starting signal by laying out the red carpet so they can do it again and now for free.” The MEP has launched the PP candidacy as that party capable of “bury the processes and that Catalonia once again belongs to all Catalans”.

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