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Eurovision reveals the position in which Nebulossa will perform in the second semi-final of the festival

The duo Nebula will perform live representing Spain in eleventh place in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2024just one before the Spanish band Megara does it on behalf of San Marino, as revealed this Thursday by the festival organization.

Eighteen countries will participate in the first semi-finalwhich will open Cyprus on May 7 and close the return of Luxembourg after 30 years of absence, while nineteen will do so in the secondon May 9, with many of the favorites and in which Spanish viewers will be able to vote for their favorites.

For the first time since the competition was established with semi-finals, both Sweden as host and the five members of the so-called Big Five (Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany) will perform live in the semifinals to gain visibility, although they are guaranteed a place in the final due to their status as founders.

In the first semi-final, the order established is as follows: 1) Cyprus, 2) Serbia, 3) Lithuania, 4) Ireland, 5) United Kingdom, 6) Ukraine, 7) Poland, 8) Croatia, 9) Iceland, 10) Germany, 11) Slovenia, 12) Finland, 13) Moldova, 14) Sweden, 15) Azerbaijan, 16) Australia, 17) Portugal and 18) Luxembourg.

In that group, they are currently positioned very strongly in betting Croatian Baby Lasagnafirst in the predictions, and the Ukrainians Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil, third.

However, the second semi-final appears stronger, where seven of the countries with a chance of victory will appear, especially the Italian Angelina Mangothe Swiss Nemo, the Dutch Joost Klein, the Belgian Mustii, the Greek Marina Satti, the Israeli Eden Golan and the French Slimane.

The specific order of this semifinal will be 1) Malta, 2) Albania, 3) Greece, 4) Switzerland, 5) Czech Republic, 6) France, 7) Austria, 8) Denmark, 9) Armenia, 10) Latvia, 11) Spain, 12) San Marino , 13) Georgia, 14) Belgium, 15) Estonia, 16) Italy, 17) Israel, 18) Norway and 19) Netherlands.

The 26 qualifiers (9 from each semi-final, plus Sweden and the Big Five) They will meet on May 11 in the grand finalwhich in this edition will take place in Malmö after the victory of the Swedish Loreen in 2023.

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