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Eiza González (‘The Three Body Problem’) regrets that she has been rejected from many projects for being “too pretty” or “sexy”

Eiza Gonzalez She has become one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. At 34 years old, the Mexican actress has just released The 3 body problem the new Netflix phenomenon, and is preparing for the arrival in theaters of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, signed by Guy Ritchie.

Muse of directors like Edgar Wright (Baby Driver), Robert Zemeckis (Welcome to Marwen) or Michael Bay (Ambulance. Escape plan), Without a doubt, González is experiencing a very sweet professional moment. However, she has confessed that it has not been easy to carry the burden of being considered an explosive woman in her early days in Hollywood.

In an interview for InStyle, The actress has admitted how surreal she finds this generalized image of her. Especially after when she was a teenager, when she was a youth soap opera star in Mexico, the press criticized her for not being pretty enough and suffered from eating disorders. “I had a lot of problems with my body, with my curves, with my appearance,” she stated in the publication: “It was very hard.”

Now, the Mecca of cinema insists on classifying her as “sexy”, something that González attributes to the treatment given to Latin stars in the entertainment industry. “There is an overly sexualized idea of ​​the Latin woman,” He said: “It’s disappointing and it’s pathetic.” Escaping the archetype of the explosive actress has been for Eiza “the biggest challenge of my career”: “None of my white friends who were in the industry received that. It was just me.”

Eiza González has an extensive career at 33 years old.

Likewise, she explained that being considered sexy has cost her roles in the North American market: “I remember on a lot of projects they said, ‘She’s too pretty for the role. She’s too sexy for the role.’ And I was just thinking, ‘What is Margot Robbie? She is the sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life!”

In the interview, the Mexican added that, although none of this machinery has to do with her in particular, it has caused her “an identity crisis for a long time: “I asked myself: ‘Should I shave my head? Do I become less attractive? Do I become more attractive? “Do I dress very sexy or do I cover up all the time?”

Eiza González in ‘The problem of the 3 bodies’

Eiza González in 'The problem of the three bodies'
Eiza González in ‘The problem of the three bodies’

In her latest projects, González has landed other types of roles that do not limit her because of her physique. The last of hers has taken her to The 3 body problem the Netflix hit born from the novel of the same name by Chinese author Liu Cixin and led by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones) with Alexander Woo (True Blood).

In this fiction, which is already sweeping the streaming giant, the Mexican gives life to Auggie Salazar a pioneer of nanotechnology. “Auggie is loosely based on two characters from the book, but he is mostly a new creation, and we drew a lot from Eiza’s strength and personality,” Benioff, Weiss and Woo explained to InStyle.

“She is not the typical scientist that Hollywood would show you,” the creators said: “Scientists can be sarcastic, witty, funny and passionate. We believe that Eiza’s performance will help broaden the idea of ​​what scientists are like.”

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