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Ed Sheeran Opens Up On Why He Gave Away Song Love Yourself To Justin Bieber; CHECK OUT

Ed Sheeran revealed the reason behind giving away his song, Love Yourself, to Justin Bieber. Sheeran shared that he composed the song while preparing for his album Divide. Meanwhile, the Perfect singer opened up, saying that his friends and family did not approve of the tune.

According to the reports on Page Six, Ed Sheeran revealed that the underwhelming response to his songwriting skills made him give away the song, which ultimately became a huge hit and made Bieber the star.

Why did Ed Sheeran give away his song to Justin Bieber?

In his conversation with an entertainment portal, the Shape of You crooner revealed that after an unsatisfactory response to his song, Sheeran sang it for the Baby singer, who asked if he could have the song. 

Sheeran said, “This is a song when I was writing ‘Divide,’ I was writing a lot of songs about a lot of different things, and I wrote this song, and honestly, I played it to people, and they went, ‘Meh.’” When Bieber asked for the song, the Photographer singer shared, “I went, ‘Cool, have it,’ and then it got very big.” 

After Bieber’s rendition of Love Yourself was released, the fans loved it, and the track went on to top the charts for consecutive weeks. It was on the Billboard 100’s Year End list in 2016. Love Yourself also made the Hold On singer the youngest musician with a No. 1 track on the charts. 


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Ed Sheeran does not plan to release any new songs this year

On Friday, the Thinking Out Loud artist shared that no new songs are on the list to be released this year. The musician shares that he is working on new tracks, enjoying being on the tour, and does not intend on dropping new music for the next eight months.

Sheeran said, “But nothing’s going to come out this year. I’m enjoying being on tour. I released two records on tour last year, and it’s quite a lot to be on tour and releasing records. So, I’ve made the new music, and I’m just going to sit on it for a bit.”

Moreover, the singer opened up about his daughters liking his music. The English songwriter revealed, “Yeah, of course, of course. Mostly my new songs because I don’t really play my old songs in the house.”

Speaking to James Corden in 2022, Sheeran spoke of the feeling of becoming a father. He said, “Well, I became a dad, and I feel like my lifestyle shift has changed. Instead of going to bed at six [a.m.], I’m getting up at four.”

Ed Sheeran is set to perform at the Hard Rock Beach Club’s Formula 1 race ahead of the competition on Saturday.


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