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Drone video show burglar falling into Beverly Hills pool

A hilarious drone footage shows the moment a bungling burglar was treated to a heaping serving of instant karma when he tumbled from a ladder into a pool at the Beverly Hills home he had just ransacked.

The botched home invasion occurred in the world-famous California zip code 90210 back on Jan. 6, but the Beverly Hills Police Department shared the video documenting the suspect’s failed escape on its Instagram page over the weekend.

The drone footage, set to Rockwell’s 1983 hit song “Somebody’s Watching You,” shows the clumsy criminal scrambling out of a window and trying to make his getaway down a ladder precariously perched on the edge of the pool.

But in his rush to flee, he loses his footing, causing the ladder to slip into the water, dragging him down with it.

The unfortunate suspect performs an awkward backflip and splashes down in the pool of the home on South Palm Drive cops said he had raided.

A viral police drone video shows the moment a burglary suspect fell from a ladder into a pool at the Beverly Homes he had broken into. Instagram/Beverly Hills Police Dept
The video recorded on Jan. 6 is hilariously set to Rockwell’s 1983 hit “Somebody’s Watching You.” Instagram/Beverly Hills Police Dept

Suspect David Verdun’s plunge was “caught in 4K” by a police drone that was sent to the home after cops were alerted to the break-in by the property’s security system.

After emerging from the pool, the waterlogged Verdun, 36, tried to hide in the yard, but police officers who responded to the scene found and arrested him on a burglary charge, reported ABC7.

The video of the suspect’s spectacular fail has gone viral, drawing more than 44,000 views as of Tuesday, along with dozens of comments reveling in the crook’s swift comeuppance.

The suspect, identified as David Verdun, attempts to escaped down the ladder, but it slips into the pool. Instagram/Beverly Hills Police Dept
After he climbed out of the pool, Verdun was arrested by police who responded to the house. Instagram/Beverly Hills Police Dept

“The guy running the drone must’ve been holding in a laugh,” one Instagram follower crowed.

“I hope that water was ice cold,” another gloated.

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