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Drew Carey Is Inspired By Bob Barker’s “Demeanor” and “Attitude” As ‘The Price Is Right’ Host: “He Never Seemed Stressed”

Drew Carey had some big shoes to fill when taking over for Bob Barker as host of The Price Is Right. In the wake of Barker’s August passing, the actor and comedian reflected on what he took away from the legendary host.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carey commended Barker for being “so good at relating to people and getting them to be relaxed and be themselves.”

“You watch his demeanor and his attitude,” he said. “He never seemed stressed.”

He also explained to the outlet how he learned from Barker to relax while onstage and “not be so uptight about what’s going on.”

“I just have to own the show and make it like my living room, because he was so comfortable in front of a camera,” he shared.

Barker died Aug. 26 at age 99 from Alzheimer’s disease. He began hosting The Price Is Right at its inception in 1972 and continued until 2007. After that he passed the torch to Carey, who has been hosting ever since.

Drew Carey shaking hands with Bob Barker on 'The Price Is Right'
Photo: Getty Images

Apart from Barker’s influence, Carey credited the contestants as the “secret sauce of the whole show.”

“People want to see regular people like them losing their minds on TV and having their best day,” he noted. “The viewing audience almost always see somebody they can relate to in some kind of way… It’s just average people having the best day of their lives.”

With Season 52 on the way, Carey also teased a Survivor-themed episode, which will feature a “jungled up” set and fellow CBS TV host Jeff Probst.

“[Probst is] always great,” Carey told ET. “It’s so nice to see somebody like him who, like, knows how to have fun at his job and really appreciates it. We both know how lucky we are.”

The Price Is Right Season 52 premieres Sept. 25 at 11 a.m. ET on CBS.

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