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“Don’t do this to me, please”

VIP Big Brother put between a rock and a hard place Oriana Marzoliwho she did not stop remembering her boyfriend, Daniele Dal Moroduring the first four days he had been in the house.

On the debate stage, Marta Flich He proposed to the Italian to go up to the house, something he accepted without question, thinking that he could see his girlfriend. “Oriana will be able to see her boy in exchange for sacrificing 12,000 euros of the final prize“warned the presenter.

Oriana was very emotional when she saw the images of Daniele in the house, but when she found out what the challenge was, she began to cry without any type of consolation. “Please don’t do this to me” and “I beg you!“were the most repeated phrases of the tronista.

Meanwhile, Oriana’s companions watched the young woman’s talk with the live presenter from the living room of the house and the cave. “It’s a difficult decision and I would understand if you chose to see him, but I would think of everyone“said Susana Bianca.

Marzoli wanted to pay the money out of his pocket, but the rules of the game did not allow it. Finally, the young girl played as a team and He denied the option of seeing “his Daniele” sacrificing the previously mentioned figure.

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