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Dolphins give themselves names by using signature whistles to broadcast their identities

DOLPHINS are the only animals besides humans that give themselves names, a zoologist says.

They have crafted a way of saying “this is me” by using unique signature whistles to broadcast their identities to each other, Dr Arik Kershenbaum believes.

Dolphins give themselves names, according to zoologists


Dolphins give themselves names, according to zoologistsCredit: Getty

He told the Instant Genius podcast: “As they are growing up they make themselves a little whistle which is different from every other dolphin’s whistle.

“This becomes a representation of their name.”

The Cambridge University lecturer, who explores the phenomenon in his new book, Why Animals Talk, said whistles lets others know who is there — which is unsurprising as dolphins live within fluid social networks.

Dr Kershenbaum said these whistles are used to ‘broadcast their identities’ and ‘let others know who is here’.

He said: “Again, that’s not that surprising given this social network that they live in.

“They need to know, who are you? Are you a member of my group? Are you someone that I have worked with in the past?

“It is incredibly rare, in fact it’s the only instance we know of in the animal world, outside of humans where animals give themselves a name.

“Here they are actually crafting themselves their own, vocal, representation that they can use to say ‘this is me’.”

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