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Do you remember when studded tires were banned on one street in the center of Helsinki? IL asked residents and the police about the ban

Only one fine has been issued on Lönnrotinkatu for breaking the studded tire ban.

– It’s quieter here.

That’s how he describes it Jari Salo Effects of the studded tire ban on Lönnrotinkatu.

Iltalehti went to Lönnrotinkatu to ask people how the ban on studded tires has been seen on the street this winter.

The city of Helsinki banned driving with studded tires on Lönnrotinkatu last fall. The goal of the three-year experiment is to improve air quality and reduce noise caused by traffic in the surrounding area.

Living in Lönnrotinkatu Eeva Merikoski also estimates that the ban has calmed down the street.

– I feel that it has probably calmed down a bit. I don’t drive a car myself, so I can’t say from a driver’s point of view.

I live nearby Leila Kalevan the optimal home route has been affected by the ban.

– By the way, you don’t really notice it yourself, unless you have to go around a bit to get home.

Studded rings on every other

A bookseller operating on Lönnrotinkatu Petteri Leino commented on “people driving like crazy” on studded tires down the street.

– As heard during the interview, studded tires deteriorate almost every car. I’m pretty sure they drive from end to end of the street. Here is a prohibition that is constantly violated.

Chief Commissioner by Dennis Pasterstein according to the report, the proportion of people driving on Lönnrotinkatu with studded tires is still high, around 50 percent. Pasterstein works as the head of the traffic control function of the Helsinki Police.

– However, the situation has improved. As I understand it, the starting situation was 70 percent last year. The number of studded tires has decreased there, which is a positive thing. At least some drivers obey the ban.

Difficult to control a long street

Last November, the police issued Finland’s first traffic fine for disobeying the studded tire ban precisely on Lönnrotinkatu. It’s the only one left.

– As far as I understand, only one traffic error fee has been imposed for the entire season. Written notes were distributed in one raid. The first control strike, which also included blowing, was instructive and advisory, Pasterstein says.

The Chief Commissioner describes Lönnrotinkatu as challenging to monitor: Studded tires are allowed to drive onto properties, so cars should be able to be followed to find out if it is a matter of driving through prohibited. In addition, Lönnrotinkatu is long and along it there are several intersections where you drive to and from the street.

The ban on studded tires is also not at the top of the police’s control list. Pasterstein says that the focus is on controls that promote traffic safety, and for example studded tire controls are in the “second basket”.

So far, one fine has been issued for non-compliance with the studded tire ban on Lönnrotinkatu.So far, one fine has been issued for non-compliance with the studded tire ban on Lönnrotinkatu.

So far, one fine has been issued for non-compliance with the studded tire ban on Lönnrotinkatu. Inka Soveri

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