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David orders tripe and Victoria orders fish.

The marriage formed by David and Victoria Beckham has good memories of the time they lived in Spain, and this Friday they remembered the old times in a lightning visit to Valladolidwhich they have taken advantage of to enjoy local cuisine.

As stated The North of Castilethe glamorous couple traveled to the capital of Castilla y León accompanied by the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay.

They both landed on a private flight in Villanubla airport and they headed to one of the most famous wineries in the Ribera del Duero appellation of origin: Vega Sicilia.

Victoria Beckham, in October 2022.

In those facilities they enjoyed a meal served by Dámaso Vergara, from the Dámaso restaurant. AND What they asked for has transcended.

Despite being in the land of the lamb, Victoria He asked for hake, preceded by purple asparagus from Tudela de Duero with extra virgin olive oil from Ronda and tear peas from Guetaria and white shrimp from Huelva, as well as artichokes from Tudela de Duero.

For his part, David, like Gordon Ramsay, asked for tripe, one of Dámaso Vergara’s specialties, as well as purple asparagus, ham croquettes, grilled fish rice and veal tail with cabbage. And for dessert, torrijas.

As for the wines, they were Vega Sicilia 1975 vintage (David Beckham’s birth year), 1999 vintage (the year of the Beckhams’ wedding) and 2014.

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