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Coronation Street fans shriek ‘cover yourself up!’ as police gatecrash Dev and Bernie romp

CORONATION Street fans got a bit of an eyeful after a recent episode when police stormed in on Dev and Bernie right after an intimate moment.

The lovers had just enjoyed a quick morning romp when the cops knocked on Dev’s door.

Corrie fans were shocked when police walked in on Dev and Bernie just after a moment of passion


Corrie fans were shocked when police walked in on Dev and Bernie just after a moment of passionCredit: ITV
Dev was left scrambling to cover himself up


Dev was left scrambling to cover himself upCredit: ITV

When the police came in they found Bernie and Dev only wearing their dressing gowns – with nothing underneath.

Bernie was eating a piece of toast to get her energy levels back up after their antics, but Dev was sprawled across the sofa with his body on display.

Seeing the cops gave him a fright, and the fan-favourite quickly tied up his bathrobe.

Fans were left in fits of laughter after the scene, and some took to social media to share their reactions.

One person commented: “Dev, in his silk dressing gown, with the high-pitched voice of concern as the fuzz enter the home, was quite outstanding.”

Another laughed: “Dev getting in a flap because the police turned up!”

A third joked: “Not Dev and Bernie about to get freaky.”

Other shocked Corrie watchers hit out at the scene, saying it is something “no one should see”.

One disgusted viewer wrote: “As if the thought of Dev and Bernie isn’t bad enough.”

A second agreed: “A post coital Dev is something no one should see!”

Another fan wrote: “How to put people off their tea. Dev and Bernie having jiggy jigs.”

And an opinionated viewer added: “COVER YOURSELF UP DEV.”

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