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Christine Brown Is Continuing to Shade Ex-Husband Kody Brown via Instagram

Christine Brown looks on as Kody Brown unravels during a season 17 episode of 'Sister Wives'

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Christine Brown might be busy planning her wedding to David Woolley, but she’s still got time to shade her ex-husband and ‘Sister Wives’ co-star, Kody Brown, on Instagram.

If you were wondering if Christine Brown is still annoyed by Kody Brown’s behavior, the answer would be yes. Despite leaving Kody Brown behind nearly two years ago, the mother of six is watching the dismantling of her decades-long marriage unfold on TV right now. She, understandably, has feelings about all of the things Kody Brown has said about her during season 18 of Sister Wives. She’s expressing that frustration on social media. Christine Brown has been shading Kody Brown on Instagram for months, and fans of the series are 100% here for it. 

Christine Brown is using Instagram and her new love to throw shade at her ex-husband 

Kody Brown has spent several Sister Wives seasons being entirely reckless with his words. He’s taken digs at his wives and humiliated at least two of them on national television. Now, it’s Kody’s turn to receive the same treatment. Christine Brown is using her Instagram account to throw shade at Kody. 

On Sept. 10, Christine Brown took to Instagram to tell the world that her man has no “special requirements” for her. The post was a response to Kody Brown insisting both Christine and Janelle Brown, his third and second wives, had to meet “special requirements” in their plural marriage because they “asked” to join the family instead of being pursued. Kody said the same requirements didn’t apply to Robyn Brown because he pursued her. 

Following the Sept. 17 episode of Sister Wives, Christine took to Instagram to give her new love a shout-out again. She noted that she was excited to marry a man who enjoys spending time with her daily. The post clearly shames Kody for the time “experiment” he ran on Christine and his other wives during their marriages. He discussed it during a confessional. 

The recent shade is something most Sister Wives fans are happy to see, but not everyone is so sure it’s a healthy dynamic to be bringing into her life or the life of her minor child. Several Reddit users suggested Christine’s behavior is petty and could even be detrimental to her children. Those viewers are in the minority, though. Most agree that Kody Brown is getting what he deserves after years of disregarding Christine’s wants, needs, and feelings. 

Christine has been open about her feelings about Kody and their long-dead marriage for many months 

Christine’s shade toward her ex isn’t limited to her posts during the Sister Wives season. Ever since she revealed her relationship with David Woolley, she’s used her platform to toss thinly veiled shade at her ex. In one famous post, Christine chowed down on nachos with her new love. The post clearly referenced the infamous “nacho incident” that Sister Wives fans have been discussing for years. 

Christine has also thrown shade in her in-show interviews. In the most recent episode of the series, Christine revealed how little interest she had in connecting with Robyn Brown on a friendship level, even in the years before she decided polygamy wasn’t for her. Christine said Robyn could not be trusted. 

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