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Chris Evans agrees with Tarantino in his biggest criticism of Marvel movies

criticize Marvel It is an international sport, which inaugurated Martin Scorsese inadvertently and has become a topic of conversation for any star you come across. Whether because the media asks, or because the current figure wants to give his opinion, every now and then we have a new headline questioning the industrial preponderance of Marvel Studios (which, on the other hand, is very diminished today). A few months ago, Quentin Tarantino joined the discussion.

And he launched a suggestive argument, in which few had fallen: the Marvel movies They don’t have movie stars. Tarantino said that the public that was going to see the next installment of the MCU I didn’t do it because I wanted to see Chris Evans either Chris Hemsworth, but because of the characters they played. Because the Captain America is the star or thor “He is the star.” Evans was Steve Rogers for 11 years in Marvel universe, carrying Captain America’s shield. And he agrees with Tarantino, but he doesn’t consider it a negative thing. Quite the contrary.

Evans, who said goodbye to the character in Avengers: Endgamerelease this October 27th in Netflix The business of pain: a drama about pharmaceutical companies in which he co-stars Emily Blunt and directs David Yates (from the sagas of Harry Potter and fantastic beasts). Promoting the film he had a long talk with GQwhere he has said that a great advantage he felt working at Marvel for so long was precisely that: that what was important was the character, and not his image as a Hollywood star.


“That was the beauty of working on Marvel movies. You never had to be the center of attention. Even in your own movies sometimes. Quentin Tarantino said it recently and I was like, you know, he’s right. The character is the star. You are there, but you don’t feel a great weight.” Kevin Feigewhile the bosses of Marvel Studios, has already had time to contradict him. “I guess it’s something Chris told himself, and I think it’s something a lot of the Avengers, including Robertthey would say to themselves, which was actually very useful for the process,” he stated about Robert Downey Jr. as Hombre de Hierro.

“In certain cases, including Chris’s, it’s not entirely true.” The question of whether Evans would play Captain America again has then resurfaced: the actor has not stopped working since Endgame (in movies like Daggers in the back either The invisible agent), but at a more relaxed pace. “I would never say never, because it was a wonderful experience,” he says about returning to the MCU. “It won’t be soon”, Add. Because, in fact, Evans has proposed taking the race more relaxed.

“I hope to act a little less in my life. I have many other interests. Look, there’s no way I’ve climbed any kind of mountain in this field. I don’t have any Oscars and I’m not lumped in with other names that are at the top of the mountain in any way. But I also feel very satisfied.” Evans therefore does not have excessive ambition with his profession, and he is grateful that his prominence in Marvel has given him the opportunity to act less from now on.

If I wanted to stop everything now, I could”, he assures. “Which is incredible. It is a blessing beyond words. Specifically, because life is unpredictable and anything can happen. I try to plan things so that anything that may arise in the future is planned for. And that’s something that Marvel has ostensibly given me.”

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