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chef Michael “Micke” Björklund’s father committed suicide

Michael “Micke” Björklund is in the Olet tah syot program.

Micke Björklund began to consciously change his life after his father's death.

Micke Björklund began to consciously change his life after his father’s death. MTV3

Cook Michael “Micke” Björklund ice Pippa Laukan last to be helped in this season of the series Olet täm ysot.

Micke from Åland is familiar to Finnish TV viewers from Strömsö – and to Swedes, among other things, from the local reality show Survivors, i.e. Robinson. He won the race in 2020.

For his day job, Micke runs numerous restaurants, trains and cooks. Although he is almost constantly in contact with food, his own eating is on the back burner. He is so busy all the time that he doesn’t have time to eat. Morning coffee is followed by hours of fasting, which ends with Micke gobbling up everything he can find in the cupboard in the evenings, not forgetting butter, cream and whole milk.

Micke has joined the program because he has noticed that his ability to cope is no longer at the same level as before. Getting out of bed in the morning is tough, and the back hurts.

Pippa Lauka also has good news for Micke. Among other things, his cholesterol levels are good. MTV3

On the spiritual side, one of the most significant factors for the change in life is the death of his own father, which Micke’s wife is also going through Jenny Björklund.

– Father’s death took Micke really hard. He committed suicide. It was a really tough place for Micke, Jenny recalls the events of spring 2015 in the evening’s final episode.

– After that, we both started thinking about what is important in life. Of course, work is important, but family is even more important.

Micke himself has told about the family tragedy before in discovery+’s Across the Atlantic series. In the third season, he revealed that he had experienced some tough things.

– I was working way too much at one time and didn’t notice that my father had mental health problems. I didn’t know then what they could be like. I was just wondering why dad was acting weird.

Micke Björklund told more about his father’s fate in the Over the Atlantic series. ATTE KAJOVA

Father had worked as a teacher at a cooking school and was about to retire. There was no alternative, even if the father still wanted to continue working. He became seriously depressed and quite quickly.

– I was at work and I got a call from my mother. He told me that my father has killed himself. Everything crumbled. It was almost a year before I was able to return to the kitchen, Micke counted in the Over the Atlantic program.

– My father’s passing has definitely been the biggest turning point in my life. Since then, have tried to act differently and change direction.

In the series You Are What You Eat, Pippa Laukka wants to know how Micke has coped with grief.

– I have learned to live with sadness, but it will never go away.

You are what you eat today on MTV3 at 20:00. Across the Atlantic on discovery+. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.

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