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Chef David Burke Reveals Why He Prefers ‘Top Chef’ Over ‘Iron Chef’ — and His Favorite Celebrity Chef Moment [Exclusive]

Chef David Burke


Chef David Burke has built quite a name for himself through cooking all over the world — and even on TV. Now, the celebrity chef is speaking exclusively with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on his favorite chef moment among other secrets.

Chef David Burke has built a massive name for himself through decades in the culinary industry. Originally from New Jersey, Burke took his career to new heights at a young age while working in nearby New York City, and has since opened restaurants all over the world, from the United States to Saudi Arabia.

Of course, during that time, fans became familiar with Burke from his appearances on TV shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef America. But after spending time on both, Burke revealed he prefers the former.

Chef David Burke cooks in Saudi Arabia
Chef David Burke cooks in Saudi Arabia | Tasneem Alsultan/Bloomberg/Getty Images

David Burke explains why he loved his time on ‘Top Chef’

Burke has made a number of TV appearances. Back in 2005, he appeared on Iron Chef America, where he cooked in competition with Bobby Flay. The two had to make a knockout lamb dish, and ultimately, Flay beat Burke. But Burke later appeared on Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Duels, competing on multiple seasons. And Burke revealed why he preferred his experience on Top Chef.

“While both competitions were so fun to be part of, I really enjoyed the format of Top Chef,” Burke told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “There were more opportunities to display creativity and craftsmanship since there are so many chefs competing against each other. There were more judges on Top Chef, and with food reviews and judging being so subjective, it was nice to have more opinions reviewing the dishes.”

Iron Chef is laid out so that the “challenger chef” competes against an Iron Chef; the chefs are given an ingredient, and the dishes are judged. The Top Chef format is a little different, with a week-over-week series of challenges and multiple judges ultimately deciding who is worthy of winning the competition show.

Chef David Burke cooks on season 1 of 'Top Chef Duels'
Chef David Burke cooks on season 1 of ‘Top Chef Duels’ | Nicole Wilder/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

David Burke talks about his most memorable celebrity chef moment

The icon Jersey chef has made his way around the world, and when it comes to one moment that he remembers most, Burke said it was all about absorbing “as much information as possible” during a sit-down with French-born Monaco chef Alain Ducasse.

“Sitting with Chef Alain Ducasse in his Monte Carlo restaurant, Le Louis XV,” Burke recalled when asked about his best memory. “To sit in such a beautiful setting with an iconic world class chef is a top memory for me. We dined and discussed the industry, and I tried to absorb as much information as possible from one of the masters.”

For those who don’t know, Ducasse owns several restaurants, one of which is Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, a London restaurant that has earned three Michelin stars. But it’s not his only one to earn the world’s most prestigious culinary rating; Burke spent time with Ducasse at his Monaco-based Le Louis XV, which has also earned three Michelin stars.

Despite cooking and opening restaurants around the world, Burke still considers New Jersey his home base and his favorite location for a new spot. “I am from here and love to support the state and whomever I can from here,” Burke said. He currently operates seven restaurants plus a bakery in his home state. As for what’s next, Burke has a whole new concept up his sleeve that fans will have to wait for more details on: “Reviving old hotels,” he said.

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