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‘Challenge’s Nelson Thomas to have foot amputated after crash

“The Challenge” star Nelson Thomas announced he will have his foot amputated exactly one year after his fiery DWI car crash.

“March 5th 2023 remains vivid in my memory, a persistent presence in my thoughts. I consciously embrace it as the initiation of a new chapter. Opting for amputation, I am determined to own March 5th and redefine its significance in my life,” Thomas captioned an Instagram post Sunday.

“Get ready, amputation world! I’m on my way! I am scheduled for surgery on March 5th, 2024.”

The MTV personality shared the news alongside a montage of photos of his gnarly injuries from the incident as well as his recovery over the past year.

Some of the pictures showed a major gash right above his right ankle, which was burned, bloody and bony.

“I am scheduled for surgery on March 5th, 2024,” he announced. _nelsonthomas/Instagram
Thomas posted several photos of his injured foot. _nelsonthomas/Instagram

Thomas, 35, also included photos of himself recovering from various medical procedures while lying in hospital beds.

The reality TV star dubbed the montage with audio of a conversation with his doctor, during which he explained his decision and how “it’s about time” to amputate his foot.

“I had to ask myself what kind of life do I want to live and what kind of quality of life do I want to live?” Thomas said. “I think I’m at peace with it, and it’s time. I’m ready to move on with my life, and I’m ready to see the other side of the world.”

The MTV personality told his doctor he is “at peace” with his decision. _nelsonthomas/Instagram

Thomas’ doctor agreed with him and added that the “Are You the One?” alum is going to be “in a way better position to enjoy the rest of [his] life.”

The pair also talked about logistics of the surgery and discussed Thomas’ support system.

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Thousands of people –– including fellow “Challenge” competitors –– shared their support for Thomas in the comments section.

“You’re a warrior Nelly, I know this may feel like the end but it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Just remember you’ve got so many people supporting you through this journey. The comeback is always better than the setback. Prayers up brother,” Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio wrote.

Thomas scheduled the surgery for exactly one year after his car crash. _nelsonthomas/Instagram
He was arrested in September after toxicology results came back. _nelsonthomas/Instagram

“My brother, you will rise from this setback….I have no doubt I can see you using this terrible situation as a platform to educate and inspire others going through a similar story I’m here to support and/or help any way I can. Love you brother,” Mark Long shared.

Thomas got into a near-fatal crash in Austin, Texas, last year after losing control of his car and slamming into a bridge, which totaled his vehicle and caused it to burst into flames while he was trapped inside.

Page Six later confirmed that Thomas had been arrested for driving while intoxicated after police obtained the results from his toxicology tests.

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