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Caught with 1,700 euros in cocaine at a nightclub

Andorra la VellaA man was at the entrance to a nightclub in Andorra la Vella when he saw police officers. He threw a wrapper on the floor, but they saw it. When the police recovered it, they found that it was 0.5 grams of cocaine. They searched him and in his sock he had 29 more wrappers. All thirty totaled 28.5 grams of cocaine and a value of 1,700 euros. He also had 145 euros in cash and some hashish. The cocaine was going to be sold inside the nightclub.

The man defended himself by saying that he had found the 30 cocaine wrappers that same night in the restroom of the nightclub and that this version cannot be overturned because there is no witness or camera to prove that he sold that drug night at the disco

The version of the appellant “about the finding of the drug in the toilet is considered in the sentence to be implausible, which is indeed the case because it is not logical and is contrary to what experience teaches that constitutes the normal way of acting of people, that someone who has such a quantity of drugs with a considerable economic value -1,698 euros)- does not take care of it and leaves it forgotten or throws it on the toilet floor.”

It is also indicated that “the amount of cocaine involved – 28.3 grams – exceeded that which could have been intended for personal consumption and there is no evidence that the appellant was a consumer of this substance, consumption which, on the other hand, has never been legacy. The drug was distributed in 30 prepared wrappers, therefore, in doses prepared for sale to the final consumer, hiding 29 of them inside one of the socks and trying to detach from the wrapper that carried in his pocket in front of the police presence”.

And he concludes that “the appellant’s attitude during the night in the disco, talking continuously on a mobile phone that could not be found, staying for long periods of time in the toilet – up to 17 minutes one of the times – to which he went until on three occasions and going several times behind a refrigerator located on the terrace where he bent down as if to hide something or collect something, according to the recordings of the establishment’s cameras, are actions compatible with the attempt to contact with potential buyers of the drug, without the appellant having offered an equally reasonable alternative explanation for this set of actions.”

He will serve a year and a half in prison and the remaining up to five years of his sentence will be exchanged for 15 years of expulsion from Andorra.

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