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Carlow Nationalist — Carlow man who assaulted a woman receives 15-month sentence

A MAN who assaulted a woman and damaged three window graphics featuring women was given a 15-month prison sentence at Carlow District Court last week.

Judge Geraldine Carthy said she was tasked with upholding the law and protecting the people of Carlow as she handed down the sentence to 27-year-old Mohammad Osman of St Vincent de Paul Hostel, Old Dublin Road, Carlow. Mr Osman had faced a host of criminal damage offences as well as an assault and trespass charge. The case had been adjourned for probation and psychiatric reports.

Sergeant Hud Kelly outlined the facts prior to sentencing. On 24 June, the defendant approached a woman on Barrack Street and punched her in the face, above the eye. She sustained bruising above the eye but did not require medical attention. Mr Osman later attempted to flee when he encountered a garda.

On 6 June, the defendant committed criminal damage when he scratched out the eyes on a female’s face in a window graphic at Anno Beauty Salon on Tullow Street, causing €100 worth of damage.

On 23 June, Mr Osman also scratched out the eyes of a female on a window graphic at Moonlight Beauty on Kennedy Street. €200 worth of damage was caused in this incident.

Mr Osman also damaged a shop front at Castle Gate, Carlow, scratching out the eyes of a female on a window graphic at a tanning salon, causing €1,000 worth of damage.

On 15 March, gardaí were alerted to a broken window at 3 Brown Street and found the defendant inside. Gardaí were aware that the defendant had previously lived at the address, but had been removed by the council.

“He admitted breaking the window. He said he was homeless, cold and broke into it for shelter and to sleep,” said Sgt Kelly.

On 19 April, another window at 3 Brown Street was smashed by the defendant.

The defendant had three previous convictions, including criminal damage, assault and threatening to kill. Mr Osman had been held on remand in prison since 26 June.

Highlighting the contents of the psychiatric report, defending solicitor John O’Sullivan said: “We are dealing with an individual who has certainly had a troubled upbringing and various matters arising from his refugee status. He has not been able to cope with where he finds himself in Ireland. He is a vulnerable person.”

Judge Carthy agreed that the psychiatric report was the best mitigation in the case. Mr Osman was a Rohingya, unemployed and he arrived in Ireland 12 years ago.

The judge said: “It is outlined the horrendous matters he would have witnessed prior to arriving in Ireland. The psychiatrist goes into detail about the challenges this man has with drugs.”

Judge Carthy said she was satisfied that a custodial sentence was warranted in the case. She imposed a ten-month sentence on the Castle Gate criminal damage charge and a five-month consecutive sentence on the assault offences. Convictions were recorded on the other offences and taken into consideration.

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