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Cardi B Is Worried About Putting ‘Too Much Pressure’ On Her Parents For Taking Care Of Her Children; Says ‘They Mine’

Cardi B worries she might put “too much responsibility” on her parents!

As a mother of two and being a superstar, balancing professional and personal life becomes hard for her. The Up singer, who often relies on her parents for support, does not wish to do that forever. The rapper is mom to Wave, 2, and Kulture, 5, with her husband and rapper Offset. 


Cardi B doesn’t wish to rely too much on her parents for childcare

The WAP singer, 31, got candid about balancing her new album and taking care of the kids during a chat with Rolling Stone. She admitted being on a search for a nanny to give her parents some relief. 

She told the outlet that, her kids are her responsibility, so she can’t rely on her parents too much. “I had them kids. They came out of my p—-, not my mom’s. They mine,” she said. Although she has her husband Offset’s support, who is now back from his tour, taking care of two toddlers can get “overwhelming” for her. 

“My kids come first. My kids come before anything,” she adds. 



Offset talks about all things kids and the highs and lows of his relationship with his wife, Cardi B

The Open It Up rapper has been married to Cardi B since 2017, but their marriage wasn’t without challenges. In October last year, he appeared on the Call Me Daddy podcast and opened up about his relationship and fatherhood to host Alex Cooper. 

Offset was shrouded with cheating accusations while being married to the Bodak Yellow singer. When Cooper asked how he felt about the news and the internet narrative that people love to stick to without context, he said, “I made mistakes, right?”

“They love to be like, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ Why do you think so many people are stuck on that and can’t move on?” Cooper asked on her podcast. The Clout rapper said that was because people focus on negativity more. 

He also believes a “train of people” hates his wife and that’s where the anger comes from. She does everything else perfectly so people are only left with personal matters to attack on. He admits that all of this affects his family and his kids asking “why this, why that” is the most painful thing. However, Offset believes at the end of the day, they must move on. 


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