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Captain Tsubasa Manga Has Major Updates On Story Style; READ

Shueisha confirmed on Wednesday, 3rd April that the Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun manga will have a new arc serializing in the form of storyboards on the new Captain Tsubasa World website.

Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi. The series mainly revolves around the sport of association football focusing on Tsubasa Oozora and his relationship with his friends, rivalries with his opponents, training, competition, and the action and outcome of each football match. Across the multiple Captain Tsubasa series, the plot shows Tsubasa’s and his friends’ growth as they face new rivals.

Captain Tsubasa manga gets major update

Shueisha will post the 27-page first chapter of the new arc, titled Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun Finals. The website previewed the storyboards on Wednesday.

Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun and Captain Tsubasa Memories 4: Saikyō! Meiwa FC Densetsu will be released simultaneously on June 4th. To celebrate, Takahashi will hold an autograph session at the Books Kinokuniya chain’s Shinjuku Main Store in Tokyo on June 8th, and an original manga art exhibition will be held at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in Tokyo.

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Youichi Takahashi is retiring from serializing the Captain Tsubasa Magazine manga franchise, with the 20th and final issue featuring the final chapters of Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun The Final and Captain Tsubasa Memories 4: Saikyō! Meiwa FC Densetsu.

Takahashi explained that he had been thinking over the past few years about whether he would continue or finish drawing the manga. He calculated that it may take over 40 years to finish the story. As such, instead of pushing his body to the limit, he concluded that it would be better to stop serialization.

Takahashi is over 60 years old, and he considers himself to be in good health. However, due to presbyopia, the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, he is experiencing poorer eyesight and dizziness. The combination of his condition, COVID-19 affecting staff structure, the switch to digital methods for drawing manga, and the death of Dokaben baseball manga creator Shinji Mizushima in January 2022 all factored into his decision.

By 2023, the overall manga had over 90 million copies in circulation worldwide, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time. Captain Tsubasa became one of the most popular manga and anime series worldwide, most notably in Japan due to how it popularized association football.

Exploring the plot of the manga

Tsubasa Oozora, an 11-year-old elementary school student from Japan, is passionate about football and dreams of winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan. He lives with his mother and father, a seafaring captain. Tsubasa is known as the heaven-sent child of football and has a motto of “The ball is my friend.”

At just a year old, he was almost run over by a rushing bus while playing with a ball, but managed to right himself with the ball. His mother believes he was born to play football, and at a young age, he possessed impressive speed, stamina, dribbling skills, and shooting power.

Captain Tsubasa (IMDb)

At the beginning of the story, Tsubasa and his mom both move to the city of Nankatsu, a fictional town in Shizuoka Prefecture well known for their talented elementary school football teams and where Tsubasa meets Ryo Ishizaki, a football-loving young student who often sneaks out from his mother’s public bath houses and chores to play football.

He meets Sanae Nakazawa an enthusiastic girl who also loves football and helps cheer the Nankatsu high school team on and Genzo Wakabayashi, a highly talented young goalkeeper whom he soon challenges to a game in Nankatsu’s annual sports festival.

He also meets Roberto Hongo, one of the best Brazilian footballers in the world who is a friend of Tsubasa’s father and who starts living with Tsubasa and his mother in order to train Tsubasa. Roberto becomes a mentor to Tsubasa and helps him to harness his football skills, convincing him to join Nankatsu Elementary School and its fledgling elementary school football team, which Roberto later coaches as he passes his techniques onto Tsubasa.

Tsubasa meets Taro Misaki, who has travelled around Japan due to his father’s job and soon joins Nankatsu. The two become the best of friends on the pitch and real life, forming a partnership soon to be renowned as the “Golden Duo” or “dynamic duo” of Nankatsu. Soon Tsubasa and his Nankatsu team start taking on the best of elementary school football, meeting such talented players as Kojiro Hyuga, Ken Wakashimazu, Jun Misugi, Hikaru Matsuyama and many others.

Tsubasa’s Nankatsu squad wins numerous youth national championships and he wins the U-17 World Championships for Japan by defeating Italy 2–1, Argentina 5–4 in the group stages, France 4–4 (5–4 p) in the semifinals and eventually defeat West Germany 3–2 in the finals before leaving the country to play in Brazil.

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