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Backstage CM Punk Stories

CM Punk has been called many things over the years. The Second City Saint. Rogue, Rebel, Renegade. The Voice Of The Voiceless. But being at a loss for words is certainly not one of the many things people think about when they think about CM Punk. While that propensity to speak his mind has garnered him a heap of support from the fans. It also put him at odds with several people throughout the years.


10 Wrestlers CM Punk Was Close To During His Career

CM Punk has had many friendships throughout his wrestling career, but some relationships took a hit.

As he has said repeatedly during his WWE run, he’s not there to make friends, but make money. Throughout his entire career, the mouth that roared has spoken his mind. Whether the fans were in agreement with him or not, there have been a lot of instances of heat and beef between Punk and others.

Penciled In To Win The 2008 Royal Rumble

Had It Not Been For The Healing Powers Of Super Cena

  • CM Punk was born Phillip Jack Brooks on October 26, 1978.
  • After watching his father suffer with alcoholism, Punk decided to live the Straightedge lifestyle he is known for.
  • His earliest influence was watching Roddy Piper.

After a few short months after his debut in 2006, Punk found himself moved from ECW to the Main Roster. He had experienced an ever-growing surge of momentum ever since – even if the brass didn’t always ride that wave. In early 2008, the WWE were scrambled for a Plan B wonder for the Royal Rumble with John Cena out with a shoulder injury. Plan B was a certain Straight Edge Superstar. But when Super Cena’s Wolverine-like healing factor kicked in, he was able to make the show. Punk got the WrestleMania Money In The Bank case as a consolation prize.

His Brother Stole Money From Him

You Can Pick Your Friends, Family On The Other Hand…

  • Punk made his wrestling debut on October 25, 1997.
  • The original “CM” supposedly stood for “Chick Magnet.”
  • He was part of a team with CM Venom; a childhood friend.

As one of the most influential wrestlers of the last thirty years, another way Punk’s influence is felt is backyard wrestling. It was around before him and after him, but the Iconoclast made his own little Indy-fed, The Lunatic Wrestling Federation.


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He started alongside his brother Mike and, as the local area fed, they were pulling in some serious bank, at least serious in the eyes of children. Also, serious enough for Punk’s own brother to rob him and the federation blind. Punk has not said a word to his brother ever since.

Working On WWE Backstage

CM Punk’s First “Return” To WWE

  • WWE Backstage debuted in late 2019 and lasted until early 2021.
  • Punk debuted on the show’s first episode.
  • It was Punk’s second dip back into wrestling – he has appeared at Starrcast prior.

After several years of being away from the ring, CM Punk started dipping his toes back into the pool. After a phone call from a friend and then-WWE employee, Renee Paquette, Punk returned as a shocking return to the discussion series, WWE Backstage. Most fans had been hopeful that an in-ring return was imminent. But The Pandemic was imminent. Instead of returning to the ring, Punk returned home like we all did. Backstage was canceled, and the moment fans waited for nearly seven years would happen in 2021 for AEW instead.

The WWE Champion Heads To ROH

Paying Respects To The Company That Made Him And One Of His Friends

  • The original “Summer Of Punk” storyline happened when Punk was ROH champion on his way to WWE.
  • He had signed his WWE contract on the ROH championship.
  • CM Punk is the only person to hold the ROH, ECW, WWE, and AEW world titles.

Mainstream wrestling fans might not know the name of Homicide, but his influence stretches far across the Indy wrestling landscape. He has worked at every major Indy fed in the past 20 years, that included TNA (which is the closest he came to a big promotion), NWA, IWA, and ROH. In several of those promotions, Homicide and CM Punk crossed paths and became friends. That friendship has transcended companies and, when Homicide finally captured the ROH world title, his friend – by then a WWECW Superstar was in attendance for Homicide’s match against Brian Danielson at the 2006 Final Battle.

Garbage Beef With Booker T

Punk Wouldn’t Bow To Any King

  • Punk debuted for ECW at the Manhattan Center – the crowd was already chanting his name.
  • Paul Heyman pushed for him heavily to be The Guy.
  • Heyman taught Punk a lot about the business when they were in OVW together.

Over the years, Booker T has been fairly vocal when he feels young bucks (and The Young Bucks) are disrespecting the business and the locker room. While Punk actually does show respect and reverence to the industry’s past, in this one instance, that seemingly didn’t happen.


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Apparently, Punk asked the locker room to clean up after themselves – a seemingly innocuous ask. But for some reason, Booker T took umbrage at Punk trying to be a locker room leader and heaved his garbage on the floor. All because, Booker T didn’t see Punk as a leader.

His “Love” Of Ryback

Steroid Guy Is Not A Good Nickname

  • CM Punk defended the WWE title against Ryback inside Hell In A Cell.
  • In the years since, other wrestlers have spoken out against Ryback injuring them.
  • Several have defended him, including former WWE agent, Arn Anderson.

Several things were happening concurrently with CM Punk’s 400-plus day championship run. As Punk was doing his best to put his stamp on WWE and change the culture, Ryback was debuting. He was inadvertently (or verdantly) winning Vince over by being a muscled-up meathead. While that wouldn’t inherently put Punk and The Big Guy at odds, it didn’t help. It was more that Ryback just wasn’t safe in the ring and hurt Punk on more than one occasion (more on those injuries later). In interviews, Punk would repeatedly refer to Ryback as “Steroid Guy.”

The Beef With Teddy Hart

Punk Loves Bret Hart. Teddy…Not So Much

  • Teddy Hart once spent the majority of a cage match repeatedly doing moonsalts – drawing the ire of Punk.
  • According to Petey Williams, Punk had tripped and Teddy was on top of him.
  • Hart was fired by TNA for the incident.

Nowadays, most of the world knows that Teddy Hart isn’t just a weird cat who trains cats – there’s a good chance he’s a dangerous man, too. He certainly was in the wrestling ring too. Similar to Punk in WWE, he tried to be a locker room leader in ROH as well, and he was to an extent. He certainly didn’t appreciate the way Hart conducted himself in that locker room and in the ring. Punk tried to physically let Hart know about it when the two were in TNA. But by all accounts, Hart went full Dungeon on Punk and the skirmish had to be stopped by Sabu.

The One In 21 And 1

Facing The Deadman Is Nothing When It’s Not The Main Event

  • CM Punk’s last WrestleMania as of this writing was WrestleMania 29.
  • The band Living Colour played him out to the ring.
  • The Deadman has praised Punk for his work on multiple occasions.

You’d think anyone penciled in to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania would consider it quite an honor and a privilege. After all, you’re facing the legend, who was then undefeated at The Show Of Shows. Punk put all he could into the match, much like he always does. The match even stole the show at WrestleMania 29. But as Punk had always wanted to be the last match on the WrestleMania card, he didn’t want to actually wrestle the match in the first place.

The Diagnosis That Nearly Killed Him

One Of The Many Reasons He Left The Company

  • According to Punk, Dr. Amann had subscribed to him ZPacks to deal with the injuries.
  • Dr. Amann sued both Punk and Colt Cabana for defamation.
  • The situation is what caused the rift between now-former friends, Punk and Cabana.

The day following the 2014 Royal Rumble, CM Punk was gone from WWE and wrestling. Reportedly, he was unhappy with not just his WrestleMania booking (Vs. Triple H), but the plans in general (originally, Danielson was facing Sheamus). That was only part of the story and part of the reason. Months later, in a shoot interview with Colt Cabana, Punk revealed that he had a nasty undiagnosed Staph Infection. The non-diagnosis led Punk to a misdiagnosis, and he actually defecated on himself in a match against Dean Ambrose. AJ Lee made him see a private doctor where the diagnosis was revealed and the fact that he could’ve died.

Punk Was Fired On His Wedding Day

Oversight Or “OverSpite”

  • CM Punk and AJ Lee were married (and Punk officially fired) on June 13, 2014.
  • AJ Lee was still employed until her retirement in 2015.
  • AJ Lee has permanent damage to her cervical spine.

In the WWE, you can apparently quit all you want to, but it’s only official on the company side when they say “you’re fired.” Punk might have walked out and, in doing so, was suspended without pay. But it was the way he got fired that really severed ties.


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He received his FedEx package containing his pink slip the same day as his wedding. While on Punk’s end, that certifiably felt like salt in the MSRA wound, according to Vince McMahon, it was just an overnight and a coincidence that it happened.

Stood Up For Darren Young

As Well He And Everyone Should Have

  • Darren Young was the first openly gay wrestler in WWE.
  • Punk was actually his NXT season 1 mentor.
  • Young (under his real name Frederick Rosser) is currently signed to NJPW and NWA.

There have been several wrestlers over the years that have played effeminate or androgynous characters, eliciting heel heat for their supposed sexual proclivities. While that would never happen in today’s world, that’s just the way it was, even up to a decade ago. So, when Darren Young came out to the world and his peers, it was reportedly Punk who stepped up, congratulated and embraced Young for his bravery. He let Young know if anyone had a problem with him, they would have a problem with Punk. .

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