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“Are you happy with being on the list?” And Misa turns around and she can’t be more forceful in her response.

On Tuesday, September 19, the first day of the women’s soccer team’s concentration for the two Nations League matches, It’s been a completely chaotic day.

A few hours after Montse Tomé gave the list of those called for these matches and a good part of the players announced that their wish was not to attend that call, a part of the players gathered in a Madrid hotel.

The first to appear was the coach herself, Montse Tomé, who was smiling and confident that the footballers would make an appearance. And then the athletes who play for Madrid teams arrived: Misa, Olga Carmona, Teresa Abelleira and Oihane Hernández, among others. The idea is that all of them take a train to meet with the rest of their colleagues in Oliva, the final headquarters of the concentration after several changes.

The president of the CSD, Víctor Francos.

As expected, the commotion and media concentration in Madrid was enormous and The players crossed a sea of ​​cameras and microphones. One of those who stopped was goalkeeper Misa Rodríguez, with a look of little happiness. “Are you happy to be on the list?” They Asked. She turned around and couldn’t have been more blunt: “No,” she answered with a serious face.

It seems clear that the atmosphere in the concentration is not going to be anything like a pond of oil during the next few days.

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