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“Are you going pack a day?”

Making ends meet on one salary is not an easy task, especially with rising prices on food, rent and other essential expenses. Therefore, it is not surprising that on social networks more and more people are dedicated to teaching all kinds of tips to save money.

Proof of this is the account of TikTok Fun Savings. This presents different savings challenges.tips to reach goals or how to make it to the end of the month when an unforeseen expense appears. However, the video that stands out the most on his entire channel is his “annual budget.”

In this, the woman behind the account teaches her followers How to calculate monthly expenses with a salary of 1,300 euros net per month. To do this, with the help of a piece of paper, make a division between fixed, variable and annual expenses.

In this way, the fixed expenses are presented at the top. 420 euros to pay the rent for your home, 100 euros in different bills and 50 euros to pay for the Internet. A total of 570 euros. Normal figures, although everything begins to deviate in the variable expenses section.

As you can see, The woman plans to spend the same amount of money on food, leisure and tobacco, 150 euros. In fact, as he emphasizes in the video, his cigarette consumption has decreased in order to save. Other expenses are the “personal” section to which he dedicates 100 euros and gasoline to which he allocates 60 euros.

Several people are assisted at the Tax Agency to present the income tax return.

Finally, in annual expenses, whether the house and the car are combined, a total of 730 euros or what is the same, 60 euros per month. Thus, Adding all the expenses, in total you spend 1,240 euros monthly, which means saving 60 euros per month, 720 euros a year. All this without the possibility of facing any “unforeseen events”, as some users have highlighted.

The video already has more than a million views, so in the message tray there are quite a few Internet users who wanted to give their opinion. And not everyone gets it right. “Food 150 euros? Do you eat feed?” or “150 euros in tobacco. Considering that a pack of industrial tobacco costs 5 euros, that’s 30 packs a month, that is, a pack a day” were some of the most notable comments.

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