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Anti-Israel protesters arrested and vehicles seized after using them to block NYC bridges, tunnels during rush hour: cops

Multiple anti-Israel protesters were busted when they used cars to snarl traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and two major tunnels during rush hour Monday morning, the NYPD said.

The demonstrators were inside an “unknown amount of vehicles” when they blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, Holland Tunnel and Queens-Midtown Tunnel around 8 a.m., cops said.

Seven protesters were arrested and four vehicles were seized during the Holland Tunnel holdup, a Port Authority Police spokeswoman said.

The NYPD at the Manhattan Bridge after anti-Israel protestors disrupted traffic across New York City on Feb. 12, 2024. William Farrington
NYPD vehicles at the Holland Tunnel after the protesters attempting to block rush hour traffic. William Farrington

They were charged with interfering with transportation and disorderly conduct, the representative said, adding that traffic was ultimately “managed to allow vehicles to continue moving.”

The NYPD also made a number of arrests, but was unable to provide a count by the early Monday afternoon.

One of those in cuffs looked directly at a Post photographer filming as the disrupters were carted off by cops – and beamed as he declared, “Free Palestine. From the river to the sea!”

Police weren’t able to say how the demonstrators managed to block the roadways.

NYPD officers with protestors arrested at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. William Farrington
Seven protesters were arrested and four vehicles were seized at the Holland Tunnel. William Farrington

The morning madness happened about a month after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters swarmed the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges – as well as the Holland Tunnel in early January, creating chaos as they blocked traffic.

The mayhem resulted in more than 330 arrests, authorities said at the time. 

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