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Andorran tobacco smuggler points to his fear of the dentist as the reason for his crimes

Andorra la VellaThe gendarmes dismantled a small smuggling network in Tarascó and the 58-year-old man who was at the head and who caused some impact by declaring that he had become a smuggler because he was afraid of dentists was tried. The explanation was very curious. He was receiving the minimum living allowance in France of around 650 euros, but to be able to live he supplemented his income with illegal tobacco traffic from Andorra. He earned between 1,500 and 2,000 euros a month. The income, however, is estimated to have been much higher because he was able to buy three vehicles which he left to the ’employees’ to go to the Principality to buy tobacco which they then sold on the black market. He had an apartment in Tarascó where the goods were kept before being transferred to other French locations.

The man claimed he had health problems with severe back pain. Her teeth are rotten and she says she panics at dentists and that’s why she doesn’t get them fixed. And how with this denture “no one will hire me” because the only way out was to become a smuggler. The sentence also lived up to the defense’s argument. Apart from a fine of six thousand euros and ten months in provisional prison, he is prohibited from entering the department of Arieja for two years.

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