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Andorra Aviation Group has the second most important terminal for private flights in Catalonia

Andorra la VellatheAndorra-la-Seu Airport now has a VIP terminal for private flights. As reports Rádio Seuthe new service has boosted it Andorra Aviation Groupone of the ten companies that are currently installed in the hangar area of ​​the Alt Urgell airfield and that, together, already generate more than a hundred direct jobs at the installation , located between the municipalities of Ribera d’Urgellet and Montferrer and Castellbò.

In addition to being able to accommodate private planes, the Andorra Aviation Group complex inside the airport – which totals around 1,400 square meters – also now has this space that allows passengers who hire its services to have of a more discreet, comfortable and exclusive arrival or departure. Consulted by the newspaper secret, from the company have confirmed that this type of service is aimed at regular customers of corporate flights, who can be company managers but also professional sportsmen, artists or other people with high purchasing power, who need to move from the Pyrenees to different European airports, or vice versa. And they added that the destinations they work with the most are usually Madrid, Mallorca and Milan. This service, they point out, is unique in Catalonia along with the one that already existed at the country’s main airport, Barcelona-el Prat.

In addition to the waiting room and rest area, the specific terminal includes a coworking space and a meeting room, which overlooks the runway. It also has two sleeping rooms, designed mainly for if the crew has to spend the night at La Seu airport. The company, at the same time, have detailed that with all this they aspire to make around 200 flights a year, with origin or destination in Alt Urgell.

It is, moreover, the largest private investment that has been made so far in the Pyrenean airfield since the Generalitat promoted its reopening nine years ago, through the public company Aeroports de Catalunya .

Of the hundred direct jobs currently generated by the airport, nearly half correspond to a company already consolidated in Alt Urgell, Helitrans Pyrinees, which has a workforce of around 50 workers and has become a benchmark in aerial work by helicopter in Catalonia.

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