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An association denounces a sexual assault on a 6-year-old girl by three classmates at a school in Badajoz

The anti-bullying association ACOES has denounced the sexual assault on a 6 year old girl by three classmates of the same age at a school in Montijo, Badajoz. The case has been archived by decision of the Prosecutor’s Office because the minors are unimpeachable.

The little girl would have told her mother the facts at the end of classes and, according to the organization, neither the center has activated the anti-bullying protocol nor has the Department made any progress in the investigations after the parents made a complaint. complaint to the Civil Guard.

According to statements made this Tuesday by the president of the organization in Day by daythe three companions they dragged the victim of his arms and legs behind some hedges, they pulled down his underwear, scratched his private parts and rubbed them with dirt.

Poster on the facade of the State Attorney General's Office building

According to the parents, the girl came home with “scratches, bruises on arms and legs during the duration of the course” that were initially attributed to spikes and branches.

From ACOES they have denounced the school director for having skipped the protocols to protect the anonymity of the minor and have pointed out that the solutions provided by the center are not the most appropriate, since, according to the Betwo of the three alleged harassers have been transferred from the center, while this current year the school has isolated the girl so that she does not cross paths with the other. The Ministry of Education, for its part, has assured that all protocols have been activated.

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