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Alejandra Rubio clarifies that Carlo Costanzia is not her boyfriend, but they are getting to know each other

In the midst of the complicated moment you are living Carlo Costanzia after his most sincere interview on television with which he caused a real tsunami in the family, the magazine Week advances that the young man is dating a more than well-known face on television, Alejandra Rubio.

The daughter of Terelu Campos has been one of the television collaborators in charge of commenting on the complicated life that the son of Sea Flowers since his childhood. But now, both of them could have gotten closer and having crossed the friendship line to enjoy a beautiful love story.

How well the magazine publishes Week On the cover that is published this Wednesday, the couple no longer hides their love and boasts of happiness by kissing in the middle of the street like any other couple in love.

Mar Flores and Carlo Costanzia.

Despite the surprising news, Alejandra Rubio wanted to make it clear that This is a budding relationship. which they still prefer not to name. It was the collaborator Leticia Requejo who was able to speak with the young woman to convey her position in which she has made it clear that Carlo is not her boyfriendgiven that, At the moment, they are getting to know each other.

Nervous about the commotion that this new relationship has created, the journalist assures that Alejandra is excited about this new love story which has become the surprise revelation of the season.

“He asked me to send him the cover. Alejandra has been caught by surprise“I didn’t know they were being photographed,” explained the employee in AfternoonAR.

“What Alejandra asks me is that she wants to make it clear that Carlo, today, is not her boyfriend. They are getting to know each other. Even though I have seen her a little nervous and upset, I have seen an excited girl. Also, he has asked me to please send him the cover because he wants to gossip just like us,” she adds.

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