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“Alcohol, drugs and tobacco”

Miguel Bose was the guest this Tuesday at The Anthillwhich consumed all the time of the program Antenna 3 to comment with Pablo Motos some memories of his family and his career.

Besides, the singer presented Bose rebornthe original Movistar Plus+ documentary series that is now available on the platform and in which the artist gives voice to the most important moments of his life.

Miguel Bosé was going to be the guest of El Hormiguero this Wednesday, but, finally, the singer could not attend his appointment with Pablo Motos due to a virus.

After starting by chatting about the robbery that Bosé suffered at his home in Mexico, Motos went on to talk about the artist’s parentswhich appear in the documentary series.

“How much power did your father, Luis Miguel Dominguín, have in Franco’s time?”, the host of the program asked him. The artist replied: “Franco called him ‘my boy’. You see them in photos and Franco was drooling, he gave him everything.”

The guest added about his mother, Lucía Bosé, who “was a damn. “Just like that with my father, two huge egos, two personalities with narcissistic disorder.”

The house in Somosaguas that his mother stayed when she separated from the bullfighter, over the years, became a kind of refuge for artists, and Motos highlighted that Even Alejandro Sanz lived there for a time.

“I told him to stay for a weekend because I had just gotten back from my honeymoon with Jaydy Michel and they were being harassed by the press, but in the end it turned into a year and a half. There he composed his album The soul to air“.

Bosé also did not avoid talking to the presenter about his past with drugs: “I had a weakness for them, which turned into a hobby and then into greater things,” he admitted.

“I spent 30 years doing everything, until consumption began to move away from the party and become habitualI left it there, at that time my children were about to arrive,” he said.

The presenter asked him: “What is the drug that enslaves you the most?”to which the artist replied: “The alcohol, it is the most difficult thing to leave, it is the most legal poison there is. “I gave up everything, alcohol, drugs and tobacco, on the same day and I haven’t taken anything again for 13 years.”

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