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Alberto Garzón finalizes his signing for the consulting firm of former ministers José Blanco and Alfonso Alonso

The former Minister of Consumption and former federal coordinator of IU Alberto Garzón is almost ready to sign for Acento, the public affairs consultancy led by former ministers José Blanco (of the PSOE) and Alfonso Alonso (of the PP). This was reported by El Confidencial and confirmed by sources close to Garzón. 20 minutes. The leader will lead the area related to “environment and geopolitics”, and the sources consulted assure that he will not deal with any matter related to the portfolio that he led until just a few months ago.

Garzón’s signing has not yet been finalized awaiting approval from the Conflict of Interest Office, an organization that must precisely ensure that the former minister is not going to be in charge of any area in which he may have influenced politically during his performance as a public office. When that happens, Garzón will become part of a team in which there are other former senior socialist officials, such as the former Minister of Labor Valeriano Gómez or the former MEP Elena Valenciano, and also from the PP, such as the former Secretary of State José María Lassalle.

Garzón abandoned his last political responsibility last November, when he resigned from continuing to lead IU, a position he had held since 2015. Previously, in June, he had already ruled out entering Sumar’s electoral lists for the general elections. In his farewell letter to the militants, the former minister assured that it was a “very thoughtful” decision and that “it was part of the road map” that he personally assumed some time ago.

The coordinator of Izquierda Unida (IU) and Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón

When he resigned from being part of Sumar’s lists, Garzón assured that he wanted “promote the renewal of public faces who represent this necessary project.” “As a Republican, I have always believed in the renewal of representatives: it is healthy for political projects and also for democracy. Now that we are entering a new phase, I think it is a great time to let other colleagues contribute their energy and knowledge,” he said then.

The Blanco and Alonso consultancy that Garzón will join in the near future specializes in “public affairs” and was founded in 2019, after the popular leader stopped being Minister of Health in Mariano Rajoy’s cabinet, recently expelled from Moncloa following the motion of censure. Among other things, the consulting firm Acento offers its partners a “weekly executive analysis” of the Council of Ministers and “briefings executives of political-economic foresight and geopolitical reflection Spain, Europe and global”.

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