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Al Qaeda threatens terrorist attacks on France and Sweden

The terrorist organization Al Qaeda has threatened to carry out a attack against “a ministry” in France or “a Swedish embassy” in his latest edition of the magazine Sada al Malahimwhich has resumed its impressions nearly twelve years after its last issue.

Sweden“France and other countries that fight God do not understand abstract words,” the group stated. They emphasize that “they won’t understand nor will they take it into account until they hear news like ‘The Swedish Embassy has been destroyed after a violent explosion’ or ‘An armed attack against a ministry in Paris.’

“It is absolutely clear that Sweden has chosen to put itself at the head of the war against Islam and Muslims among the countries of the European Union (EU)competing against France, Denmark and others for a first place in the path of opposition to God and his messenger,” AQAP has stressed.

Person raising a gun and the flag of the Islamic State (file).

The organization has thus made an apparent reference to the latest incidents in Sweden due to burning of several copies of the Koran in protests. These events have unleashed a wave of criticism among Muslim-majority countries.

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