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abandons the first plenary session with co-official languages ​​in Congress and fills Sánchez’s seat with earphones

The parliamentary group Vox has abandoned the first plenary session of Congress held with co-official languages ​​as a sign of protest and after try to interrupt the first intervention in a co-official language by the PSOE deputy, José Ramón Besteiro, who has used Galician.

Upon leaving the chamber, the Vox deputies left as a sign of protest earpieces in Pedro Sánchez’s seatabsent from the debate because he is at the UN summit being held in New York.

The deputy of the ultraconservative formation, María José Rodríguez de Millán, has interrupted Besteiro to ask him to speak in Spanish. “The change in the regulations has not yet been approved and the president is already allowing deputies to express themselves in languages ​​other than Spanish,” she said.

Congress is preparing to hold, for the first time in its history, a plenary session in which it is allowed to speak in Galician, Basque and Catalan.

However, the president of the Congress Board, Francina Armengolhas not responded to Vox’s protests and the 33 deputies of the formation have stood up and have begun to descend the stairs of the chamber to leave the plenary hall, but not before throwing a earpiece on the seat of the president of the Government in office.

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