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A ‘pack’ of humans identifies as dogs and claims their right to be recognized as such

A herd of humans They identify themselves as dogs and claim their right to be recognized As such, it has shaken social networks after the images of their protest in Berlin they went viral.

These are around a thousand people who gathered themselves at the Potsamer Platz train station in Berlin, and only They communicated with howls and barks.

The comments for these “transspecies” They suggested testing their “canine instincts”: “I don’t see anyone smelling other people’s tails” or “you have to call animal control to give them their rabies doses.”

‘Toco’ ignited the human dog trend

The unorthodox canine convention follows the viral sensation of Tocothe human collie, a Japanese man who is fulfilling his life’s dream by becoming a dog after buying himself a hyper-realistic suit for 14,600 euros.

In its First interview, Toco said that he receives all kinds of messages on social networks and that there are some positive ones. “Some tell me they want to do the same, which has allowed me to see that there are other people like me“he commented

Others Internet-Famous Hound-Human Hybrids They are Tom Peters, a Briton who previously revealed that he identified as a Dalmatian, and Toru Ueda, a Tokyo engineer who spent $23,000 on a custom-made wolf suit.

“When I put on the suit I feel like I’m no longer human,” Ueda, 32, told UK Times. “I am free from human relationships. “All kinds of problems, work-related and other things, I can forget.”

Animal behavior has been fetishized as a BDSM practice known as “puppy game”in which participants, usually men, are equipped with muzzles, collars or leashes and They behave like a dog.

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