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A mother calls her son Methamphetamine as a joke and the civil registry considers it valid: “I don’t know how he got it”

One of the most difficult decisions that parents must make with the birth of their child is what name they will give him or her. It is so important that on some occasions it can cause a problem if an agreement is not reached. Therefore, it is normal to choose to continue the family legacy with names of grandparents or other relatives. However, this mother’s idea has gone much further.

There are thousands of names and each one with a specific meaning, although the option that journalist Kirsten Drysdale had in mind was much more original. It all happened in New South Wales, Australia. The mother, a well-known journalist from ABCTV, He thought it would be funny to make a joke at the civil registry, but the result has not been what she expected.

And it is that, your child’s legal name is Methamphetamine Rules, which means “methamphetamine is cool” in English. When he came up with the brilliant idea, he thought it would be almost impossible for them to accept that name. What he would never have imagined is that they would consider it valid.

This strange decision arose thanks to his work. Kristen is part of the Australian television program WTFAQ, which she seeks “answer the questions that attract the most attention to your viewers”. One of the most frequently asked questions was “How can I legally name my baby?”, so she didn’t hesitate.

In his report he planned to talk about what happened when the Civil Registry denied the parents’ first proposal, although in his case his investigation was of little use: “We thought it would surely be rejected, and then, when that happened, figuring out what name the registrar would choose.”

'One Piece'

“Actually “It was just a curious attempt to get an answer to this question,” He explained to the media when he discovered that the processing of his son’s ‘false name’ did not cause any problems. In fact, she received the official certificate with her son’s name. “Methamphetamine Rules.”

“I don’t know how it got in,” she said, very surprised, “I’m not sure if someone had too much work or if it was automated somewhere.” In fact, they think it’s most likely that someone confused it with “a Greek name.”

Luckily, the Registrar has admitted that this is an error and it has been confirmed that in the coming days Kirsten’s son will legally be able to have a “normal” name. “The Registry has strengthened its procedures in response to this very unusual event,” A spokesperson for the institution wanted to highlight.

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