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A man arrested in Paterna after attacking and trying to strangle his ex-partner in the elevator of a building

Agents of the National Police have been arrested in the town of Paterna (Valencia) to a 40-year-old man accused of assault and try to strangle his ex-partner with a cord in the elevator of the building where the woman resides, as reported by the Higher Headquarters.

The investigation began after a complaint to the police station by a woman who stated that she had been attacked inside the elevator of her building by her ex-partner, a man who “surprisingly” entered the cabin to try to strangle her while putting a cord around her neck.

A young man rides an electric scooter without wearing a helmet.

The victim explained that her screams alerted her father, who noticed the attack and came to her aid, which caused the aggressor to flee. As reported by the Higher Police Headquarters of the Valencian Community in a statement, the detainee is Spanish, has a police record and has already been brought to justice.

The agents of the Local Citizen Security Brigade of the Paterna Police Station established a search device to locate the aggressor, who was arrested the next day as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of abuse in the family and homicide in a tentative degree.

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