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a high-end laptop weighing only 1.2 kg for immersive productivity

As with any type of device, there are manufacturers that opt ​​for high, medium or low-end products. In this way, they adjust to what users want without having to pay more. However, the more you want, the bigger the investment should be, and that’s what happens with laptops. LG gram Style 16Z90RS, 16 inches.

The PC has very notable features that we will talk about below that clearly make it a high-end model. That is why its price is justified: can be achieved for 1,879 euros.

The 45 version

At 20Bits, we have been testing the 16-inch model in recent months and, in this review, we mention some of its pros and cons.

An elegant and lightweight design

LG has made its gram Style truly portable by reducing its weight (only 1.2kg) and make it extremely thin compared to other computers.

The lid, the top part of the laptop, and the keyboard part stand out for a duochrome color, which changes depending on the light that hits it. According to LG, they are inspired by the aurora and the material it is made of is Corning Gorilla Glass, a very soft material to the touch, similar to velvet. This is nice to see, but it leaves traces.

At the base, the lower part, they have opted for a more traditional material, which allows a good grip on the device.

Regarding the charging port, it is USB-C, adapting to European regulations that will come into force shortly. It has two slots of this type and only one for USB 3.2 gen2, another for wired headphones and the last to insert a Micro SD card.

These are the slots of the LG gram Style 16Z90RS.
These are the slots of the LG gram Style 16Z90RS.

True beauty is inside

Although it is very thin and not heavy, its hardware has LPDDR5 memory & 4th Gen. NVMe SSD, 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and advanced cooling.

It also offers an immersive audio experience thanks to its built-in 3.0 W stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos technologywhich teleports the user “into music and movies”, since two Smart Ampswhich gives a sound with amplified nuances.

On the other hand, your OLED screen It has a wide variety of vivid and accurate colors, while allowing the screen to be completely darkened when there is a fade to black. This is possible thanks to its HDR capability.

Its high-capacity 72 Wh battery provides up to 12.5 hours of autonomy. However, this depends on whether battery saver is activated, the brightness, the activities being performed, etc.

Thanks to its sound and image quality, its long-lasting battery and the performance achieved by its processor, the LG gram Style can be considered an ideal laptop for top-notch productivity or immersive entertainment.

Score: 9

  • THE BEST: its sound and audio quality and its design.

  • THE WORST: more grooves are missing and the duochromatic part leaves many traces.

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