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A biochemistry expert explains why restaurants serve bread first and then food

It is the usual scene in almost all restaurants: a customer arrives, is seated at a table and, even before being served the food he has ordered, bread has already made an appearance. If hunger strikes, the diner is likely to take a bite of that bread before trying his meal. That gesture, no matter how harmless it may seem, is the reason why, after some time later, the client is more likely to decide also order dessert as a culmination.

French biochemistry Jessie Inchauspé In an interview on the ‘On Purpose’ podcast, he explained the scientific explanation behind this very normal habit of seeing people in a restaurant.

“If you give people a little bread at the beginning of the meal, and they are very hungry, they eat the bread“, begins by explaining Inchauspé, specialized in the functioning and control of blood glucose.


With the bread already in the body, the starches it contains “are converted into glucose, so very quickly a glucose spike is experienced“continues this expert.

Approximately 90 minutes later After having eaten the first piece of bread, a critical point is reached. “And at that moment, the waiter comes up and asks, ‘Hello, does anyone want dessert?’ There you feel that intense sugar craving because of that drop in peak glucose, so you’re going to order dessert,” Inchauspé clarifies.

In another of his videos published on her Instagram account, the biochemist advises that the best time to eat something sweet It is after a meal, as a dessert, and never as a snack or as breakfast. “When eating sugar, be sure to consume it as a dessert after a meal rather than on an empty stomach,” she recommends.

In this way, this expert indicates, “since there are already other foods in the stomach, speed will slow down with which glucose molecules will reach the bloodstream. This way you will continue to receive all the dopamine, but with less impact on your glucose levels,” he concludes.

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