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A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes New Zealand’s South Island

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake has shaken the South Island of New Zealand this Wednesday, without the authorities having issued a tsunami warning or reporting any victims or significant damage so far.

The United States Geological Survey, which records seismic activity around the world, indicated that The earthquake occurred at 09:14 local time on Wednesday.

He hypocenter It was located 11.7 kilometers deep and about 124 kilometers from the Christchurch cityaffected by a powerful earthquake in 2011.

The New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency has reported on its social networks that the earthquake – which was felt by about 14,000 residents of this country of more than 5 million inhabitants – does not imply a tsunami warning.

However, some residents have informed the public broadcaster Radio New Zealand that they have detected some cracks in its properties and business, but no serious damage.

New Zealand sits on the fault line between the Pacific and Oceania tectonic plates and records about 14,000 earthquakes every yearor, of which between 100 and 150 have enough power to be perceived.

The most recent tragedy caused by an earthquake occurred on February 22, 2011 when at least 185 people were killed in a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that shook the New Zealand city of Christchurch and caused damage to 30,000 buildings.

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