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A 14-year-old boy kills his mother and seriously injures his boyfriend

A minor under 14 years of age, a resident of Riverview, in western Florida (USA), was arrested this Monday after shoot his mother to death and leaving her boyfriend in critical condition, as reported by local authorities.

According to Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister, police received an alert about a minor who I wandered through this neighborhood, located south of Tampa, with a gun on Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival at the home, and after unsuccessfully ordering the suspect to drop his weapon, the officers held a negotiation with him for about 16 minutes, during which on more than one occasion the minor he put the gun to his head. As a result, the agents were forced to execute a “non-lethal shot”after which the suspect surrendered to authorities, the officer said.

National Police car.

Later, the agents found the mother’s boyfriend inside the home in critical condition after being shot five times. A couple of houses away they found the lifeless body of the motherwho was lying at the entrance of the house shot dead.

According to the older brother of the detainee, who was a partial witness to the events, the event was triggered when He heard his mother arguing and her boyfriend, after which she heard some shots. When she left her bedroom she saw her brother shoot her mother and then flee the scene, presumably to go after the boyfriend and finish him off, according to local channel WFLA. “This 14-year-old’s life has also ended. You’ll never see the outside of a detention center,” Chronsiter said.

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