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‘9-1-1’ Episode 100 Sneak Peek — Buck Is Bothered & Bewildered

The Big Picture

  • Buck’s jealousy over Eddie and Tommy’s friendship surprises him and drives him deeper into confusion.
  • Buck tries to rationalize Eddie and Tommy’s bond by focusing on their common interests.
  • Buck’s jealousy forces him to reexamine his feelings and will be explored further throughout the season.

Everything Buck is learning about Eddie and Tommy’s new friendship is driving him deeper and deeper into the chasms of inexplicable jealousy. He’s not known for being the jealous type, a development that surprises him. In a new clip courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the landmark 100th episode of 9-1-1 dives deeper into Buck’s jealousy as he dissects every interaction between Tommy and Eddie, whether he’s present or it’s being reported to him. The episode is titled “Buck Bothered and Bewildered,” and the clip shows just how bothered and bewildered he is.

In the video, Buck brings up a certain trip to Vegas that Eddie and Tommy went on. Apparently, the duo had fun, something that Buck did not expect to happen. He tries to rationalize this by bringing up things that Eddie and Tommy have in common, including military service. Buck, however, leans into satire, saying that Eddie and Tommy “like watching half-naked men pummel each other,” begging the question about where in Vegas the new friends went, and why Buck cares about that much.

Eddie brushes over other things that he had done with Tommy, including Muay Thai and Tommy fixing Eddie’s car. The look on Buck’s face is priceless as his mind races a thousand miles per hour trying to process all this new information. He doesn’t make a snarky comment but again, tries to rationalize Eddie’s new friendship. “Listen, I think it’s great. You can’t have enough friends, right?” he says, trying to hold back the jealousy emanating from his body. Eddie confirms that he and Tommy clicked from their first meeting, and Buck looks like he wants to jump into the well and be the one in the emergency.

Eddie and Tommy’s Friendship Will Have Buck Thinking About What He Wants

Oliver Stark talked about Buck’s jealousy to Us Weekly earlier and teased that it would force Buck to think about why he has these feelings. Is it because he thinks he’s going to lose his best friend or is it something else?

“I think once you watch the episode, you actually realize it’s not necessarily that he just doesn’t quite understand what he’s feeling. And this jealousy is the way that it manifests itself, but it’s not necessarily the root cause of his unease.”

Whatever Buck realizes is the cause of this jealousy will be explored for the rest of the season and will bring him some much-needed relief after he realizes something has been missing and he was unaware. Watch the sneak peek in the player above and catch the brand-new episode tonight at 8 PM ET on ABC. Stream past episodes on Hulu.



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