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5 things the new iPhone action button can do

Last Tuesday, September 12, Manzana presented the new iPhone family. This year the iPhone 15 models arrived and, as happened in 2022, the Cupertino company showed a total of four versions: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

If we delve into the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, both mobile phones They stand out because they are Engineered with aerospace grade titanium —making these Apple’s lightest Pro models to date—they incorporate contoured edges To improve grip, they add a system of 48 MP main camera more advanced and replace the classic tab to silence the device with a new ‘Action Button’ with which various functions can be performed.

Many users may not know what the ‘Action Button’ is for, however, 20Bits It shows you five actions that can be done with this novelty.

iPhone 15 Pro.

1.- Take a photograph

Users can Quickly capture a photo or video by pressing the ‘Action Button’In addition, this function works for both the front and front cameras – a perfect option when making selfies without moving smartphone—.

2.- Enter shortcuts

This novelty can be used to activate the functions configured in the ‘Shortcuts’ application or create custom shortcuts for several apps. However, it is important to mention that only one shortcut is possible.

3-. Limit notifications

The ‘Action Button’ can also be used to turn off or limit notifications for a certain period of time, so users can concentrate on work, relaxation or sleep.

4.- Use the flashlight

Individuals can press the button to turn on the flashlight of the mobile. It is a much faster shortcut compared to pressing the lock screen key to turn on the phone. flash of the rear camera.

5.- Record audios

This novelty will allow quickly record audio fragments when using the ‘Voice Memo’ application. With a single touch, a recording file can be created.

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