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20 WWE Wrestlers With The Most Wins In History, Ranked

WWE has been in the pro-wrestling business for over seven decades. The company has made the sport known to a global audience and has been the home of multiple legends of the business like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart & The Undertaker. With such a great history, numerous matches have taken place in a WWE ring and have produced classic moments the WWE Universe grew up watching.


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Every year multiple superstars step inside a WWE ring to make a name for themselves in the business. But the superstars on this list have carved the path for all the new generation. With that said, let’s take a look at the superstars with the most wins in WWE history.

The data is taken from the internet wrestling database cagematch.net. The all-time record of these WWE wrestlers will be examined, including their work outside of WWE.

UPDATE: 2024/02/13 11:30 EST BY ANDREW KELLY

WWE has hosted a whole load of talented individuals over the years, though not everyone is always a serial winner. For instance, iconic names like Batista didn’t spend long enough in the promotion to build up a massive number of wins (despite having a great record) and names like The Miz who have spent around two decades in the company is someone who has been used to put his fellow wrestlers over, not winning as much as others. When looking at the biggest winners who have stepped foot in WWE, it is important to include records outside the company too to properly demonstrate their legacy, for instance AJ Styles is a relative newcomer (well not so much anymore) but he won a lot outside WWE, so that will be taken into account too.

20 Roman Reigns Has Only Lost Once In Four Years

Total Number Of Wins: 999 Wins

  • Roman Reigns was pushed as WWE’s “next big thing”
  • His reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has seen him suffer one pinfall loss in four years
  • Reigns’ last singles defeat came in 2019

Years With The Most Wins

2015 (187)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Roman Reigns has been one of the most dominant wrestlers of this generation. With a huge number of WrestleMania main events and the longest title reign of this millennium, he is a born winner.

Reigns is someone who doesn’t lose often, and when he does, it is amidst shenanigans – it is rarely even clean. He is among the best champions of all time, as proven by his record-breaking reign, and he has years left to go.

19 Triple H Reigned Supreme As A Fourteen Time Champion

Total Number Of Wins: 1032 Wins

  • Triple H won fourteen world titles in WWE
  • Triple H’s “reign of terror” as World Heavyweight Champion was dominant
  • He actually lost a lot more matches than fans remember

Years With The Most Wins

2008 (118)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


He isn’t a student of the game, because he IS The Game. Triple H clawed his way to the top of the WWE mountain, not only from an in-ring perspective, but also outside of it. He married into the McMahon family, and one day will become the head of the company alongside his wife Stephanie.

To state the obvious, Triple H has had a Hall Of Fame career, with myriads of titles and a highly impressive 14 World Championship reigns. He just cracks the 4 digit with over 1000 wins. He has now officially walked away from the ring, so this tally won’t get any higher, with him now running WWE creative.

18 Seth Rollins Has Been A Top WWE Star For Over A Decade Now

Total Number Of Wins: 1089

  • Seth Rollins hasn’t lost a televised singles match in over a year
  • His reign as World Heavyweight Champion has been incredible dominant
  • He has been a consistent winner in WWE ever since his main roster debut in 2012

Years With The Most Wins

2017 (130)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Seth Rollins has been on WWE’s main roster for over a decade now, and in that time he has been a full-time main event star and one of the biggest winners out of everyone.

Whether it be in or out of title scenes, Rollins picks up the win more often than not. With that has come five world title reigns and runs as Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and United States Champion.

17 WWE Has Always Counted On Sheamus To Be A Winner

Total Number Of Wins: 1113 Wins

  • Sheamus won the WWE Championship just months into his main roster career
  • Sheamus has been successful and dominant in every WWE division
  • He has been a strongly booked force for a decade and a half

Years With The Most Wins

2012 (193)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


It’s pretty crazy to consider what Sheamus has done in the 12+ years he’s been with WWE. It’s as complete as a wrestling career gets, with a Royal Rumble win, a King Of The Ring crown and a successful Money In The Bank cash-in.

Let us not forget high profile WrestleMania matches against Triple H and Daniel Bryan, and of course multiple singles and tag team titles, including 3 WWE Championship reigns. Sheamus is currently at over 1000 wins, and he’s still looking to see that number grow.

16 Dean Ambrose Is A Big Winner Inside & Outside WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1171

  • Dean Ambrose was a pivotal part of The Shield’s success
  • Ambrose won several titles in every WWE division
  • Ambrose has been dominant ever since leaving WWE in 2019

Years With The Most Wins

2015 (150)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


When he was in WWE, Dean Ambrose would often be the man who competed in the most matches per year in the promotion, hardly ever taking time off. With his popularity and success both in the main event and in the midcard, he picked up a whole load of wins during his time with the company.


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After leaving WWE, he has been even more dominant in terms of wins, scoring the victory more often than not in AEW, NJPW, and elsewhere on the independent scene.

15 Randy Orton’s Long, Winning Career Is Still Going Today

Total Number Of Wins: 1289

  • Randy Orton is a fourteen time world champion in WWE
  • Orton has been signed to WWE for nearly 25 years
  • He has been a main eventer for most of his career

Years With The Most Wins

2011 (151)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Randy Orton is a third-generation superstar and made his way to WWE in 2002 following the footsteps of his family. Vince McMahon knew that Orton had something special in him right from the beginning, and the Viper lived up to his potential by becoming a 13-time WWE Champion.

He is one of the few WWE superstars that stayed loyal to the company for a long time, and we can expect him to move up the list in the years to come.

14 Kofi Kingston’s Longevity Has Seen Him In A Lot Of Matches In WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1293

  • Kofi Kingston is part of the most successful team in WWE history
  • Kingston finally won a world title in 2019
  • Kingston is a multi-time midcard champion and near two-decade veteran

Years With The Most Wins

2012 (131)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Kofi Kingston might not have received a main event push until last year, but he has silently made the top 10 of the superstars with the most wins in WWE. Kingston is one of the most decorated superstars in WWE with one reign as WWE Champion and has won multiple mid-card & tag team championships.

He has been a part of the promotion for over 13 years and has been a consistent performer each and every one of those years. He is still going strong, and we can expect the numbers to go even higher.

13 Matt Hardy Was A Consistent Figure For Three Decades

Total Number Of Wins: 1320

  • Matt Hardy was hugely successful in the tag team division alongside Jeff Hardy
  • He won several midcard titles in WWE
  • He has had plenty of success and wins in other promotions too

Years With The Most Wins

2008 (107)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


While he’s currently in AEW, Matt Hardy enjoyed a long and successful career in WWE. Not only was he part of one of the greatest and winningest tag teams of all time as part of The Hardy Boyz alongside brother Jeff, but Matt also enjoyed tremendous singles success.

While the WWE Championship eluded him, the elder Hardy won pretty much every other title there was, including the US, ECW, Hardcore, Cruiserweight and European Championships, amassing a large number of victories.

Total Number Of Wins: 1370

  • AJ Styles was a big winner outside of WWE before joining
  • Since signing with WWE, AJ Styles has continued his success
  • He is a two-time WWE World Champion

Years With The Most Wins

2018 (137)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


It still feels like AJ Styles is new to WWE as he arrived late on in his career, but with his run now stretching to seven years, he has spent longer in the promotion than he has done in most other places. Many of his victories have now come under the WWE banner, as he led the SmackDown brand as the WWE Champion on two occasions, and he often wins outside the world title scene anyway.



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Styles’ huge number of victories tallies up from dominant stints in the likes of TNA and NJPW too, where he also emerged as a top star.

11 Shawn Michaels Was One Of The Biggest Winners Of The 1990s In WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1433 Wins

  • Shawn Michaels rose through the ranks as a huge winner in the 1990s
  • After returning from an early retirement, Michaels was consistently in the upper card
  • Michaels is a multi-time WWE World Champion and two-time Hall of Famer

Years With The Most Wins

1996 (163)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels is one of the few superstars to be a part of WWE for over three decades. He has competed against every high-profile superstar the company had to offer and has held numerous championships throughout his career.

The Hall of Famer has competed in a lot of matches over his career, dominating throughout the 90s and 00s. He announced his retirement in 2010 after losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI, but returned for a final match at Crown Jewel 2018. He now runs WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

10 The Big Show Used His Size To Win Many Matches In WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1446

  • Big Show joined WWE after a dominant WCW spell
  • He is one of the largest competitors in WWE history
  • Show won titles in every division in WWE multiple times

Years With The Most Wins

2005 (112)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


The Big Show was part of WWE for over two decades since making his debut in 1999, before recently signing with AEW. He competed under his real name Paul Wight in the initial days of his WWE career and soon adopted the name The Big Show.

Big Show is someone who has had such a longevity in the business – starting out in WCW – that despite his many losses over his career, he has still managed to win a whole heap too.

9 British Bulldog Is An Unlikely Addition To The Top Winners List In WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1478

  • British Bulldog never won a world title in WWE
  • He was a talented and successful tag team wrestler
  • He defeated Bret Hart in a famous Wembley Stadium win

Years With The Most Wins

1985 (114)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


The British Bulldog may never have been a defined main eventer during his career in WWE or WCW, but he was such a dominant fixture in the tag team scene within WWE that he scored a lot of victories during his run.

When it came to singles matches on house shows in the early 1990s, it was a rarity to ever see him lose, only doing so at the hands of a larger star when he competed for the WWE Championship for instance.

8 Bruno Sammartino Is The Longest Reigning WWE World Champion Of All Time

Total Number Of Wins: 1468

  • Bruno Sammartino is the most successful and dominant WWE World Champion of all time
  • He had an eight-year reign as champion in WWE
  • Sammartino went unbeaten in WWE for years

Years With The Most Wins

1960 (185)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Bruno Sammartino has the longest WWE Championship reign of all time, totalling a run with the gold that lasted seven years (and another which lasted for years too). Unsurprisingly, with that came a whole load of wins over the course of his iconic career.

He was the most dominant champion in history, and throughout his time in the business he gained 1486 victories, fending off challengers like Ivan Koloff and Gorilla Monsoon. His losses came so few and far between that when he lost the WWE Championship, the arena came to an abrupt and shocked silence.

7 After Three Decades, Rey Mysterio Is Still Picking Up Wins In WWE

Total Number Of Wins: 1598

  • Rey Mysterio is one of the biggest underdogs in WWE history
  • He is a three-time WWE World Champion
  • Mysterio has a massive longevity in professional wrestling

Years With The Most Wins

1999 (111, WCW) 2010 (107, WWE)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the greatest Cruiserweight of all time has amassed over 1000 wins throughout his career. Rey Mysterio is the GOAT, and continues to add to his legacy even today.

Rey’s in-ring career could well come to a close sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to pile on some more wins before officially calling it quits.

6 Kane Hardly Took A Break In His Multi-Decade WWE Career As A Monster

Total Number Of Wins: 1563

  • Kane debuted as The Undertaker’s brother in the late 1990s
  • Kane is a two-time World Champion in WWE
  • Kane has won titles in every division in WWE

Years With The Most Wins

2007 (110)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


The Big Red Machine Kane was WWE’s resident monster for over two decades. He started his career with the promotion as Dr.Isaac Yankem DDS and then competed as Fake Diesel before re-debuting as Kane.

He is one of the most decorated WWE superstars with multiple title reigns throughout his career. With his career moving into politics, his in-ring career has wound down to the point where it is unclear if he will ever make another comeback.

5 Hulk Hogan Was A Hard Man To Beat In WWE & WCW

Total Number Of Wins: 1577

  • Hulk Hogan is one of WWE’s biggest superstars in history
  • Hogan main evented several WrestleManias
  • Hulk Hogan reigned as WWE Champion for over 1400 days in a single run

Years With The Most Wins

1980 (172)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is the first globally recognized star in the company’s history. He was the face of the company for over a decade and played a vital part in their success in the early years. The Hulkster has competed in other promotions, including WCW, NJPW & Impact Wrestling throughout his career, but let’s look at his winning records in WWE.

Throughout his career Hulk Hogan has competed in a lot of matches and managed to pick up the win well over 1000 wins. Although The Hulkster probably wishes to have one more match for WWE, it’s unlikely to happen given his age and physical condition.

4 Tito Santana Has Picked Up More Wins Than WWE Fans Would Think

Total Number Of Wins: 1783

  • Tito Santana is a multi-time Intercontinental Champion
  • He never won a world title in WWE
  • Tito Santana won a lot of matches in WWE’s midcard division

Years With The Most Wins

1985 (180)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Tito Santana is one of the greatest superstars to have never held the WWE Championship. He is a former two-time Intercontinental & Tag Team Champion and was also the winner of the 1989 King of the Ring tournament.

He has been a key player for the company in the early years and has competed in the first nine WrestleMania events. Santana also competed for the promotion under the name El Matador from 1991 to 1993 and has an impressive winning record.

3 John Cena Was WWE’s Ultimate Superman

Total Number Of Wins: 1799

Years With The Most Wins

2011 (165)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


When superstars like The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin were leaving the company one after the other, WWE filled up the void with a young superstar in John Cena. The 16-time WWE Champion lived up to the expectations and went on to be the face of the promotion for over a decade.

John Cena is now a movie star with fewer matches in WWE each and every year. Even with that, he is still one of the most lucrative names ever and it’ll be hard for the vast majority of superstars to reach his amount of wins.

2 The Undertaker’s Longevity In WWE And Level Of Winning Is Nearly Unmatched

Total Number Of Wins: 1836

  • The Undertaker went 21 matches unbeaten at WrestleMania
  • The Undertaker won multiple WWE World Championships
  • He is one of the most dominant and feared wrestlers in WWE history

Years With The Most Wins

1993 (152

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


The Undertaker altered the landscape of professional wrestling when he made his WWE debut at Survivor Series 1990. The fans had never witnessed such a unique character before, and The Deadman lived up to his potential and has become arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time.


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He has a near unmatched longevity in the business which makes him one of the biggest winners ever. His final match came at WrestleMania 36 against AJ Styles in the classic Boneyard Match.

1 Bret Hart Has The Most Wins In WWE History

Total Number Of Wins: 1882

  • Bret Hart won a lot in the tag team division
  • Hart became a multi-time world champion in WWE
  • He was one of the most dominant forces in the 1990s

Years With The Most Wins

1992 (189)

Win Percentage


Number Of Losses


Bret Hart is arguably WWE’s greatest Canadian superstar and had a decorated run with the promotions despite all the controversies. He had a decorated career with five reigns as the WWE Champion and has also won other mid-card & tag team championships.

Bret Hart was a top name for WWE in the 1990s, scoring a lot of wins and titles. He got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 for his singles career and once again in 2019 for being a part of the Hart Foundation. His brief return to the ring in 2010 added a few more victories to his tally.

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