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14 million people, the floating population figure of 2023

Andorra la VellaThe floating population during the year 2023 was 14,003,571 people, equivalent to +12.4% if compared to the previous year. The increase in the floating population compared to the previous year’s figure is explained, to a large extent, by the increase in overnight stays and hikers.

The seasonal population during the year 2023 was 17,110,796 people, which is equivalent to 46,879 people a day. This results in the fact that, during the year 2023, in full-time equivalent, the Principality increased its seasonal population by 11.9% compared to the year 2022.

The equivalent population, that is, the population resident full-time in the Principality that would generate the same need for resources, is 125,224 people, which represents an increase compared to 2022 of 6.6%.

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